The Times Of India Wrongly Mentioned A Civilian As An Armyman, Got Trolled Badly

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3:19 pm 24 Mar, 2018


On March 22, leading media house The Times of India carried a news story titled “How suspended armyman pulled off burglaries.” The report mentioned that a join team of military intelligence and Delhi Police crime branch is investigating the source of military stickers found on the car of suspended armyman Dharambir, who was arrested later on for many burglaries in Delhi Cantonment.


However, it was a grave error by the publishing house as Indian Army’s official handle, the Additional Directorate General of Public Interface (ADGPI), soon came to clarify that the newspaper has carried out the wrong headline and that the alleged crime was committed by a civil MES employee and not an army personnel.



Later on, the newspaper also carried a corrigendum seeking apology for the grave error it has done.

The paper wrote:

“An earlier version of this story erroneously described a suspended civilian Military Engineering Service (MES) employee as an Armyman.”

But the event it gave enough ammunition for Twitterati to beat the newspaper left and right. Here are reactions:



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