Times Now Quotes Kerala As Pakistan. Apologizes After Online Backlash

Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 5:43 pm


Times Now committed a blunder again and referred to Kerala as Pakistan in one of its reports. As the channel broadcast a report on the beef ban row and BJP President Amit Shah’s subsequent three-day visit to Kerala on Friday, they ran a headline saying Shah “Heads to Thundery Pakistan”.

Times Now credibility questioned

In no time, a hashtag campaign began on Twitter and gained momentum, criticizing the Times Group and called the channel “Times Cow”. Many believed it to be an intentional error considering the fact that Kerala has remained at the leading edge for protests against the new cow slaughter rules issued by the government.




The apology

After receiving backlash, the channel issued an apology.


This is the screenshot of the corrigendum issued by Times Now.