Love Always Happens At The Destined Moment, Not Before. Here’s Why

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Updated on 1 Dec, 2015 at 3:18 pm


Love happens when you are least prepared for it. It will never knock your depressing and solitary door when you are desperately waiting for it. As time narrowly escapes from our anxious fists, we are left with no choice but to wait.

But why does it happen this way? Why do we waste time on wrong dates? Why do we waste so much f*ucking time going round and round with a person who is just not meant for us?

After a handful of experiences in love, I reached these not-so-practical conclusions, with which you might agree or you might not:

Everything is written


From me writing this article to you reading it at this very moment, everything was preplanned. No matter how much you try to make something work, it won’t happen unless the time is right. The right words cannot come out at the wrong time. Yes, we are untimed puppets in the hands of Almighty.

There is a reason behind every delay, so that we can all land up at the accurate places on time. So, does it mean that nothing is in our hands? The only thing you will ever have is the ability to enjoy the moment bestowed on you.

Enjoy the wait because the pain  which is growing impatiently in you will give you strength to lap up at that alarmed moment.


Feelings cannot be generated, they are natural

You have always been surrounded by people who are so right in their own way but love never blossomed between you two. Why didn’t you fall for your best friend of the opposite sex? Though they understand and know you like no one but your feelings were naturally and mutually linked with that ‘special’ one only. And this is the universal flow of love.


There is no ‘ideal’ person for anyone

You just wasted your time making the list of things you want in your boyfriend/girlfriend but the universe never works according to your demands. Love is blind. If you love someone, you will love them for all the things you hate about them as well.

Emotions don’t come with cautions

One day, you guys are just friends and hanging out like mad freaks, maybe the next day, within the flash of a second, love overshadows the friendship. ‘You never know’ is the only definition of love that ever existed. There are so many love sagas where people have been friends for years and a distinct moment of love changed their equations forever.



Most of the time, first love is just a little practice and warm-up session on way to meet the ‘one’

Our delightful visions of first love are mere illusions. You become so completely vulnerable that you forget to be yourself; the first heartbreak engulfs every warmth of happiness around and you finally come to terms that love is not that bright


Gear up, guys…there is better love waiting for you in the better time ahead.