Top Time Pass Games You Can Play In Your Office To Kill Time

Updated on 14 Dec, 2018 at 3:02 pm


We all know that there will always be a few minutes or hours to kill at the office when you have absolutely nothing to do. You basically need something to kill the time. Instead of just browsing through videos on YouTube, you can play these time pass games in office. Yes, in office only. These games will help you kick boredom in the ass. But while playing do remember not to waste your time at expense of your work.

Chances are if you do constant work in an office then you will get bored and you will need to find something to pass the time when you’re at your least productive. But you do not want your boss to know. Do you? There is always the danger of getting caught but not with these games.




Here are online games that you can play at the office that will be a great help to kill the time.


The Daymare Town

It is an epic collection of mystery puzzle games created by Mateusz Skutnik, that features incredibly creepy artwork and music that is slanted towards a weird kind of horror.  You have to escape the town that you’re trapped in. Check it out here, it’s super creepy and super fun.


Crash Planning

Crash Planning is an epic office game, mainly for the reason that you can play it right under your boss’s nose because it looks like an Office Excel sheet. Your main objective is to align similar colored boxes to make them disappear.



The Maze

This is a mind fuck game! It is a puzzle game based on the book The Maze by Christopher Manson. Just like the book, each page denotes a door in the maze that opens up to doors on different pages in the book. Your objective is to find your way from page number 1 to page number 45 and back in the shortest route.




Wiki races

Pick two Wikipedia pages that are in no way related to each other and try to get from one to the other as quickly as possible. If you’re stuck for ideas, the site’s ‘Article of the Day’ or ‘Random Article’ button can easily help you out. But remember that you can only click links within Wikipedia articles themselves and use of the keyboard is strictly forbidden.




Excit is a game about solving puzzles on spreadsheets. Each level of it gets progressively more challenging and time-consuming as you have to go across the green square quickly. The game has a large cult following, and there is even a complete walkthrough if you’re stuck on a certain level.



Gold Panic

Gold Panic is a simple maze-type puzzle game that requires you to dig a path inside a mine and push gold into a little cart where you collect it. The game is an endless source of fun and time pass. You can play the game here.




Trivia Machine

Trivia Machine is a cool trivia game where you can choose to play quizzes from different categories like music, history, and movies at three different levels including elementary, scholar and genius. I think it is really cool.






Go ahead and try them out, now! If you know about any other games then tell us too. Also, while we are at it, here are some of the productive things you can do instead of hanging out with your bestie.

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