A Fan Jumped From 13 Ft High Wall To Impress Tiger Shroff, Got Thrashed By The Actor Perfectly

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5:14 pm 27 Nov, 2017


The stunts and action sequences that are shown on television and movies are performed by body doubles, professional stuntmen and under the supervision of experts. When these stunts are shown on television, the makers often ask people not perform them at home without any supervision. Still, there are people who consider themselves superheroes and acts like a foolish by imitating those stunts. Tiger Shroff is one of those actors who prefer performing his action sequences and stunts on his own because he has been trained and has the capability of performing them. But, he is no superhero and his fans should understand that what he does, he does by taking proper safety measures.


One of the fans of Tiger Shroff thought of impressing him by performing a stupid stunt and tweeting its video to the actor. In the video, the fan stated that he has conquered his fear of heights and next time he will try the same stunt increasing its risk level.

Here’s what he tweeted:

Take a look at the video here:


The fan would have expected a tweet full of appreciation from Tiger but nothing like that happened. The actor thrashed the fan and expressed his disappointment. He also made him understand that he should not risk his life doing such stunts without any expert.

The fan with Twitter handle name @Aman_tigerian had to apologize for his mistake. Here’s what he tweeted:

He again posted an apologetic tweet but didn’t get any response from the actor.

Tiger gave a bang on reply to Aman. Hope he will understand and will not risk his life again.



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