TIFR Collaborates With ISRO And Department Of Atomic Energy, To Launch 10 Scientific Balloons Soon

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5:23 pm 11 Nov, 2016

The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) on November 11 announced that they will launch 10-balloon flights in collaboration with ISRO between November 15 to April 30, 2017, for scientific purposes.

The initiative would be taken with the help of ISRO and the Department of Atomic Energy so as to conduct experiments at different altitudes.


TIFR Balloons that would be used for various experiments. Indian Express

TIFR Balloons that would be used for various experiments. Indian Express

According to B Suneel Kumar, TIFR’s Scientist–in–charge, these balloons will carry scientific instruments for
research at will reach altitudes between 30 km and 42 km depending upon the experiments that are being undertaken at that time.

Though TIFR didn’t clarify what kind of experiments would be conducted, they did release details about the balloons that would be used for these experiments.

Kumar said that these balloons would be made of twin (Polyethylene) plastic films and will range in diameters from 50 mtrs to 85 mtrs.


Representational Image BGR

Representational Image BGR

Further, these balloons would normally be launched between the odd time of 2000 hrs and 0630 hrs and the instruments that would be used for various experiments, will be kept at these heights for periods of nearly 10 hours.

These instruments would then be released from the balloon as will then come back to the ground using large coloured parachutes.

The balloon would drift between  Visakhapatnam-Hyderabad- Sholapur line and in the areas of AP, North Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

Kumar also requested the people, who might find these parachute and instruments, not to remove them from its place of landing and instead telephone or send a message to the address that would be given on various packages attached to these instruments.

“The instruments are extremely sensitive and valuable, scientific data will be lost if they are tampered. There may be high voltages on some of the instruments, which will be dangerous, but only if the instruments are opened, up.”

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