15 Tiffin Items You Shared With Your Friends In School

12:00 pm 2 Oct, 2015

Throughout school, one thing that we’ve always waited for is the recess bell. And tiffin boxes have always been our treasure chests. Sometimes they were even stolen! Tiffin also taught us an important lesson for life: the happiness of sharing! The sheer excitement of eating the tiffin made us open it even before recess!

Let’s go back to the memories and snacks we shared with friends in school!

1. Toasts

Instead of spending a fortune over toasts in big fancy restaurants, those ‘mom-made’ toasts were a delight to have.

2. Upma

Maggi may not get ready in two minutes, but this sure does. A healthy and tasty snack, mom’s best bet!

3. Papad chura

Every Marwadi who brought papad chura to school, never got to eat even half his tiffin! That mixture of papad and ghee with mirchi was pure awesome.

4. Maggi

Such a joyous moment, opening the tiffin to find Maggii! In spite of being sticky and cold, there always had to be one fork and many fingers digging into it!

5. Fryums and chips

You can NEVER have enough of chips and fryums. These made tiffin breaks fun and a favorite color was always a must.

6. Dhokla

Those Gujju friends always made us happy with their oh-so-delicious dhoklas.

7. Khakhra

Again a Marwadi special. They never liked to see khakhras in their tiffin. But the rest of us enjoyed it to the fullest!

8. Idli

Idlis made both us and mom happy! Idlis were healthy and they sure were delicious.

9. Fried rice

Fresh veggies, spicy and tasty, the ideal home-made goodness to share with friends!

10. Pastas

Do I need to say anything more?

11. Parathas

Punjabi food had to be refreshing! Cuz’ ‘Punjabiyan di battery charge rhendi hai’.

12. Bread pizzas

We always tried to sneak out and hide this from all prying eyes! IMPOSSIBLE! You’d never get more than a piece or two for yourself!

13. Aloo cutlet

Enjoying these little bites of fried potatoes while dipping them in lots of ketchup – yummy, right?

14. Chowmein

And you will be really lucky if you can get more than one bite! As all your friends are going to eat it!

15. French toast

The taste of these cold French toasts can simply not be matched with anything else, as they taste that good!


And then some days it was – ‘Canteen jindabaad!’



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