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Don’t Get Married Till You’ve Experienced These 14 Thrills Of Bachelorhood

Updated on 2 September, 2019 at 5:07 pm By

Getting married soon – the nerves in your neck have got to be bulging out. Let’s try and internalize a bit. You’ll tie the knot and spend the rest of your life with another person, who may or may not give you the freedom to do everything your way.


Women don’t really understand what it’s like to be a man. We love gadgets, and action movies, we won’t give up cricket, we need to go out alone, sometimes. And if you really think all this might just end the day you get married, try these crazy things we’ve listed only for bachelors. The thrill will leave you satiated for a lifetime (and all this happens in India):

1. Travel to places that feel like it’s the end of the world.

Travelling is not meant for escaping life, but for not letting life escape us.

Travel as much as you can before losing the carefree life of a bachelor.

Snow peaked mountains, pristine beaches, plush fields, majestic waterfalls, furious rivers, flower valleys, wildlife sanctuaries, romantic countryside, explore the wonderful landscapes that decorate our country.

Travel to Places That Feel like it’s the End of the World


2. Get thrilled by aero sports.

Put simply, once you get married, you’d want to take fewer and fewer risks. The time to try out risky recreational activities is now.

You can’t really break your bones and come back home to your wife only to tell her you went on a paragliding adventure. While the chances of this may be one in a thousand, you can be the unlucky one.


But, having said this, you’ve got to pump your adrenaline to the adventure of aero sports.

You have got to try paraglide in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, balloon over the royal state of Rajasthan, hang glide in Kangra Valley (Himachal Pradesh), or sky dive above Gandhi’s lands over Gujarat.

3. Shake off your inhibitions, go skinny dipping.

Women, including your mothers and wives, can be very fussy about letting you undress publicly. But where you can have a deaf ear to what mom says, you can’t ignore what your wife says.

Therefore, it’s the right time, to loosen your button and run down to beach for skinny dipping.

The only underside of this trial is that most Indian beaches prohibit skinny dipping. You will have to go out all the way to the Radha Nagar beach in Andaman & Nicobar Island, which features among the best beaches in the world for skinny dipping.

4. Eat on a once-in-a-lifetime meal at the best places in India.

A good meal can actually be a romantic conquest with your spouse – why go alone?

Think about it again! What if you’re non-vegetarian and she’s vegetarian? Maybe she won’t like you to order anything she despises. She may have food allergies, or she may just have completely different taste preferences.

Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, Indian – India has some real good places where you can eat the meal of your life. Try Wasabi by Morimoto (Mumbai), Bukhara in Maurya Sheraton (New Delhi), Pork Ribs at Indigo (Mumbai), and so on.

5. Cook a huge meal for family and friends.

If you’re not sure about the kind of cooking you can do, best you try doing it before getting married because burnt chunks of chicken, mess of vegetable peals will displease your wife like anything.

Friends and family are going to be less repulsive to your cooking. So invite them over and cook a huge meal.

Serve it with a good wine, and rejoice in the last few days of your bachelorhood.

6. Test drive a ride you’ve always had your heart out on.

You’ve got to prioritize even your dreams once you’re married. Who knows if you’ll ever get the time to test ride the bike you love, or ride the wheels of an overly expensive car?

Don’t leave this dream for another time. Book yourself of test ride today.

Whether it is the Ducati Streetfighter or Superbike, or you like Ferrari Classic, at least go test drive it. There is nothing like wicked wheels in your control that can stir the beast inside you, and brighten your day.

7. Empty your pockets on a worthy cause.

Material wealth is wasteful extravagance waved in the face of humanity.

And, yet your wife won’t let you get away with it.

So before that happens, do something worthwhile with your money. Sponsor someone’s education, feed the hungry, build a shelter for the homeless, do what you can with what you have.

Empty Your Pockets On A Worthy Cause


8. Learn a magic trick.

This one can actually help impress your wife when the tides between are not smooth.

Learn how to levitate a pencil, or how to vanish a coin, or how to produce a flower out from nowhere.

Learn A Magic Trick


9. Grab a microphone and sing at a karaoke bar.

Who cares how you sing, till you’re a bachelor? No one, and even if they do what difference does it make?

So, at least, once in your life, pick up a mike, get a little drunk and sing your heart out at the Karaoke.

10. Throw a big party for your all girl friends.

Maybe your wife will create a fuss about you having too many female friends, so don’t miss this chance.

Throw a big bash for them – dance, sing, pamper them and let them tell you how good you are to be married to!

11. Learn to bartend.

Every man in the world should know how to make a spectacular cocktail and unless you bar tend for a few days, it won’t be possible.

Choose 5-8 cocktails and perfect them before getting married, who knows this might just impress your wife more than you know.

12. Eat something squirmy.

There are so many squirmy things the human race eats.

From ants, to worms, snakes, wasps, beetles, grasshoppers and bugs and you’ve got to try them once at least and get over your mental hurdles.

13. Take a class out of your elements.

There could be a number of things that are out of your element.

You may be a good businessman, but have you tried learning a new language? Or maybe you should improve your skills at golf or pottery making. Find what it is you’d like and do it.

You may not realize this now, but this new education will definitely be cherished by your kids when they hear about it.

14. Unplug completely.

Unplugging means you’re going to completely cut yourself off work or maybe even friends and family.


And since you are going to be spending the rest of your life with one single person, this is the right time to unplug yourself completely, for a few days, a week or a month.


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