This Restaurant Will Give You Free Food For Life If You Finish Three Parathas Within 50 Minutes

3:32 pm 10 Nov, 2017


Parathas! The name itself feels like magic to us. And what’s just great is that there’s such a vivid variety of parathas on offer – from muli ke paratha and alu paratha to kothu paratha and paneer paratha, there seems to be at least one paratha to suit every mood. In fact, we wonder if there’s any Indian who does not like binging on parathas. And if you, too, love to eat parathas and swear by them, then this restaurant may just have the perfect deal for you.

Parathas at Tapasya Paratha Junction. Rohtak Business Directory


Located in Delhi-Rohtak bypass road, Tapasya Paratha Junction has an exciting paratha challenge on offer. According to this offer, you will not have to pay anything for food for an entire lifetime if you are able to eat three parathas within 50 minutes!

Sounds quite fun, interesting and easy, right? Well, it might be interesting but the fun quotient may just disappear when you hear the size of each paratha. Each of the paratha served at the restaurant has a diameter of one foot six inches and weighs one kilogram! And the winner has to complete three of these within the stipulated period.

Will you take the “Hindustan ka sabse bara paratha” challenge? source



Moreover, to make these parathas richer and fuller, the restaurant administration uses only desi ghee and not oil to make them. And since they are such big in size, each paratha takes much time to be cooked properly.

A portion of their menu. TopYaps


Needless to say, this challenge went viral on social media, with numerous people even attempting it. Alas! till now, there hasn’t been a single winner.

The other portion of their menu. TopYaps



The restaurant has some amazing varieties of parathas on offer, including peas, raddish, paneer, spinach and sweet chickpeas parathas to name a few.

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