Three Students Arrested For ‘Cooking Their Pet Dog’ In Bangalore

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5:49 pm 9 May, 2015


As reported by Indian Express, three Manipuri students, who allegedly cooked their pet dog on Wednesday, have been arrested.

Preliminary investigations had revealed that the students bought a puppy six months ago and raised it at their rented accommodation in Bangalore.


The incident came to light when their neighbor Chandrashekar, an animal rights activist, lodged a police complaint.

According to the complaint, Chandrashekar said he grew suspicious over an odd smell emanating from the room of the students and went to verify the source of the smell. He found that the students had skinned their pet dog and were cooking it for a meal.



The students, who were studying in private colleges, have been booked under Section 428 of the Indian Penal Code (mischief by killing or maiming an animal of value of Rs 10 or upwards). It entails a maximum punishment of two years imprisonment.



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