14 Thoughts Shy People Get When Alone At A Party

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Updated on 3 Dec, 2015 at 6:30 pm


There are many people who don’t like to attend parties. Some are introverts, others are anti-social and yet some of us are merely shy and hence don’t buy the idea of social gatherings. Shy people don’t necessarily detest parties, but just lack the confidence in their social interaction skills.

So what kind of thoughts do shy people deal with, when left alone at a party?

Let’s go through a funny few, one by one:

1. Oh my God, so many people, all at one place. “I want to disappear right now.”



2. “Where the f*** is my god damn friend who promised to keep me company at the party?”

And all you think of is of getting a dagger, which you might just poke your friend with as soon as they arrive.


3. “How do people manage such long conversations with strangers they’ve just met?!”

And you think,If they can do it, so can I.” And then you think, “No, leave it, not my cup of tea.”


4. Suddenly, you spot someone nice, whom you think you may start a conversation with. And before even taking the first step closer, you realize you’ve frozen.

“Oh God! I can’t move. What is wrong with me?”


5. “Oh look, that person is talking to someone else now. I don’t want to just go and barge in. This would be totally inappropriate.”

Plan cancelled. Aah, relieved!


6. Although shy, you try to sip your drink and look cool; you just try to pretend that you are having a good time.

Truth is, it’s all bullshit, and maybe the bathroom will be a better place to get some space.


7. Your mind is filled with ideas to deal with the awkward situation, but you end up implementing none of them.

Do something, look busy. Do anything, I say.


8. If someone approaches you, you start staring at your phone, pretending to be very busy and mindless of their presence.

“What the hell am I typing? Somebody please call me before someone looks at my phone!”


9. Your eyes are constantly fixed on the door, and every new person looks like your friend, who still hasn’t arrived.

“She should have been here by now. She better have a good reason!”


10. You start fidgeting with your hands, and just can’t look up. You’re infuriated just by the thought that someone must be noticing.

“Oh, wow, I have got pretty hands. Am I going mad?”


11. You see a loner dog, the host’s pet and wonder if you’re as lonesome as him tonight.

You even think about sharing your company with the dog.


12. Someone just looked at you and you looked back too. Now, you are petrified to see that person approaching you.

“No, just don’t, please. No…I said STOP.”


13. You collect yourself together and try to look normal all the time. You feel you can face this. But this makes you more uncomfortable and uneasy.

“I think I am going to have a stroke.”


14. You think everyone else around you is talented whereas you are so naïve and simple that you can’t be equal to anyone in the room.



You poor thing! Just be yourself and go with the flow.