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Fingers Crossed,11 Thoughts You Get When You Drive Alone For The First Time

Updated on 2 September, 2016 at 12:53 pm By

Finally, you’ve got your driving license, huraahhhh……..


You can go alone anywhere alone, without mom, dad, big brother, or your trainer. It’s just you, the car, the beautiful road, and maybe some great music and nice pair of sun glasses and a cool scarf around your neck.

Sounds so good! But driving by yourself for the first time can be scary. Lots of cars running past you. Random bikers appearing and suddenly disappearing. A cat, a dog, or as it happens in India, a cow may simply be strolling along the road just as you.

What happens if the cow hits my car! Wooshhh. Will the cow get hurt? Will my car get dents?

OMG, these are terrible thoughts for someone driving alone for the first time. AND trust me, for first timers, it is not an easy task. Be prepared, your brains could get stormed with any of the following thoughts.

1. Oh yes! I am so excited.

That’s how it is when you sit in the drivers seat alone


2. Good music and wind in my hair- Ah! This feels like growing up.


When you pull the car out of the parking lot and onto the street.

tumblr_inline_nadibw5f271sj0gb9 (1)

3. Clutch, third gear. Okay, is it going too fast?

And there it goes………


4. Oh damn, what do I do with these cows on the street?

This happens only in India.


5. Oh yea, I did it. Not bad… but OH SHIT that’s a freakin’ bus coming!

Don’t lose it, don’t lose it, don’t lose it…… I don’t want dents on my car, not the first time, please.

Especially, if you live in Bangalore, you’ll know that we don’t have roadside denters and painters the way we have in Delhi. So, recently when a friend of mine had bumped her car on the divider because of a speeding bus, she scheduled a pickup from Bumper, a new app service for car beautification and body repair.

She was a first timer and it was her dad’s car.



6. Why are people honking? Can’t you see the goddamn L sign?


7. Okay.. the road is clear now. I can move onto the fifth. So finally, I am doing it right yea!


8. Why are the cops looking at me? Did I over speed? Did I jump a red light? Belt? Where is my driving license?


9. Ohkayyyy.. this is way too much of a traffic- and too slow. Clutch, break, clutch…ah first gear or second? Okay, I don’t know what to do!


10. Whaaaat? This is the fourth time my car is losing it! Why does it stop all the time? Is there a dent?




11. Okay did I miss the last turn? Why am I panicking? It’s okay. It’s okay!


12. Are people staring at me? Do they know it’s my first time?


13. Can I text while driving? Or is it too soon?


14. Nevermind, I am home and YAY!  I am such an independent adult yaa.




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