14 Struggles You Face When You Can’t Smile Often

6:00 pm 29 May, 2015


Some people are gifted with smiling faces, some smile a lot for no reason and some don’t smile at all. If you are the one who doesn’t smile that often, then here’s a list of 14 struggles you might face.

1. People will constantly ask you if everything’s alright as you have a serious look most of the time and nobody might guess if something wrong is happening to you.


2. Even if you smile, people will come and ask if everything’s alright as they don’t see that happening quite often.


3. People might mistake you for being rude when you don’t smile at them quite often or return their smiles.


4. People presume you to be arrogant, stubborn and not that friendly in nature without knowing you just because you smile rarely.


5. You are not the one people share their jokes with.


6. Clicking pictures with smiling faces is just not your thing.

You would prefer more intense or serious looks in photographs. Passport photographs is quite an easy task for you.


7. You have the ability to deliver the funniest joke with a straight face which makes the joke even funnier.


8. Now people make jokes on you as well.


9. Getting married or going to marriages is a nightmare as you have to continuously stick that plastic smile on your face for hours.



10. You simply hate people smiling for no reason.


11. People think you are grim and boring.

You will have a hard time if you are a teacher, the students will think you are loaded with ego.


12. You don’t understand why people behave rude, you feel you have been quite good with them.

Tsk. Tsk. Reality check!


13. You wonder how some people can smile so much. Muscle pain, have you heard about it?


14. Your boyfriend and dog are used to you not smiling at them.

And he is the only one who understands your smile issues.