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This Woman’s Leggings Is Catching The Attention Of Netizens, But For All The Wrong Reasons

Published on 1 November, 2018 at 3:29 pm By

Just the other day, we covered a story in which a Canadian fashion brand, Fecal Matter, has caused a stir online by launching a series of bizarre thigh-high boots that look like human skin. And today, we are here with a similar story that has caused great amusement and horror among social media users. Wonder what it is? A woman’s flesh-colored leggings! While this seems like a fashion fail, it is not.

An unfortunate woman has made her fashion faux pas looks like she is naked in public and caused great embarrassment among people on social media. It happens, isn’t it?




Well, coming to the story, a photograph of a woman doing shopping has drawn attention for all the wrong reasons, and she probably must be regretting her chosen outfit that day.

The photo, which is thought to be several years old, has gone viral after it was posted to Facebook by a user on October 7. In the picture, the woman, who was seen standing in the aisle of a supermarket with a young girl sitting in the trolley, appears normal from her waist up. But when glance downwards, it seems as though she’s gone to the shop without any trousers – or underwear. Well, take a look at the picture below:



However, it’s obvious that the woman hasn’t actually indecently exposed herself. In fact, she is wearing a particularly unfortunate shade of flesh-colored leggings which produce an embarrassing optical illusion.





Meanwhile, the cringe-worthy photo has racked up thousands of shares and comments in just a few weeks of uploading. And, interestingly, the woman’s flesh-colored leggings have caused a great amusement and horror among netizens, especially Facebook users.

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