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This Video On Pre-Wedding Shoot By Abish Mathew Is Too Funny; But Kinda Real Too

Updated on 13 February, 2017 at 3:54 pm By

As if the brunt (you can also read it as burnt though) of lavish arranged Indian weddings was not enough, we have the exotic pre-wedding shoots these days. After all, how could you not have a love story? So no matter even if the couple met just a month ago, an elaborate script is designed to shoot a filmy video of their love story – even if, pardon me, there’s no love there.


This video by Abhish Mathew is a hilarious take on pre-wedding shoots these days. This will be one of the videos you won’t mind to spend some of your minutes on.

Be it the swaggy dulha’s entry in the frame



Or the beautiful bride’s zulefein making a debut


The video has all awkward and hypocrite moments pre-wedding shoots consist of .



Honestly, if anything they just make us cringe at the thought of a wedding.

Watch it here:


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