This UP Cop Showed The World That Duty Comes First Even If Someone In The Family Has Died

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8:29 pm 3 Mar, 2018


Bhupinder, a 57-year-old constable of UP Police, has proved that for him duty comes first even if someone close in the family is no more.




He decided to fulfill his duty despite the sad demise of his 27-year-old daughter Jyoti. On February 23, 2018, Bhupinder along with his team members was patrolling in the Badgaon area of Saharanpur. They received a call informing that some people had attacked a person in a different area of the city with sharp-edged rods and the person was lying in a pool of blood on the road.


As soon as they received the call, the van steered its way into the direction of the accident. While on their way, Bhupinder once again received a call informing him that his daughter had died at home. While his team mates urged him to go home, Bhupinder decided to help the victim first.


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His gesture won many hearts and the police department decided to felicitate him. Bhupinder was present with a bouquet of flowers, a shawl and an appreciation note by the IG and SSP of Saharanpur district.  Bhupinder’s daughter, Jyoti, had gotten married an year earlier and had come home to celebrate Holi with the family. She has accidentally fallen inside the bathroom and had died.




Bhupinder’s dedication to his uniform and the public has proved that there are policemen who think of their duty first and self second. It is not hidden secret that ever since Yogi Adityanath took over as the CM of the state, the law and order situation in the state has become better.

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