This Street Vendor’s Insane Ability Will Make You Sweat In Your Palms. This Is What Makes Him Special!

2:59 pm 27 Mar, 2018


Who wouldn’t enjoy deliciously crunchy Pakoras at any given point of time in India? A snack which is rated the top favourite in Indian street food, Pakoras hold a special place in our lives. They are the go-to snacks on a romantic rainy day or a cold winter chilly day.



A good Pakora is best enjoyed with a hot steaming Chai (Tea) and a tasty freshly made chutney (Mint dip) or any home-made dips.




The preparation of this crunchy snack takes long as it needs to be dipped in boiling oil, and the cook often steers as far away from the boiling oil, to avoid getting burnt. This is USUALLY the case.



However, this man from Allahabad, begs to defer. Not only has his ability baffled onlookers and tourists, but modern science as well. Meet Ram Babu, a 60-year-old man who supports his family by selling delicious Pakoras. Here, he’s seen with his wife Malti Devi and younger son Priyanshu at his modest home.



He has left us all shocked with what his bare hands can do. Ram has been frying Pakoras with his BARE HANDS for the past 40 years now, and that too without sustaining any injuries!



Ram Babu is such a huge sensation in his neighbourhood, that people from far off come to see his incredible ability. It’s as if his magical hands are immune to burning oil – even at a raging 200 degree Celsius!



The old man seems to be possessing some superpower in him, else who would dare to think of putting their bare hands in boiling oil? And that too, for cooking frying fritters!



Ram Babu regularly attracts hundreds of spectators who come to see the magic come alive, when he shows off his daring cooking techniques at his roadside stall in Allahabad.



Like a magician, he first dips his bare hands into the boiling oil and that moment, his customers shake in sheer panic. But to their surprise, not only are Ram’s hands free of any blisters or scars, he seems totally unaffected!



To manage time and seeing the high sales pitch, he gave up on the usage of spoons and relied on his hands completely when he started off as a 20-year-old. Since then, his faithful customers have visited him regularly.



Leaving many baffled, even medical science doctors haven’t found the secret behind his immunity. This unique characteristic seems like a gift from God, but the magic is too unbelievable to be true!


The snack seller also fries potatoes and eggplant wedges at his roadside stall to support his family. According to him, the more, the merrier!



Amit Singh, a regular client of his, said: “It really surprises me when I see him pulling out the fritters straight out of the pan. One has to see to believe him doing this. And the fritters taste really good”.



Even as Ram’s unique ability leaves us shocked and confused, he said that several doctors have approached him for research.

“Many took the sample of my skin, but none found anything unusual. I do not know why I am like this but as long as I am unhurt and my ability helps me make money, I will happily fry fritters with my hands.”

If you haven’t been to Allahabad yet, here’s how he will leave you surprised:



And if you still want to get a taste of his magic, watch the baffling video below: