This Pakistani Cricketer Left Pakistan For The Love Of An Indian Girl, Plays For South Africa Now

3:47 pm 1 Feb, 2018


You all must have heard about love stories of various celebrities that are no less than fairytales! These celebrities didn’t mind taking an extra step for their love, and pursued their partner even after facing various difficulties. One such person is Imran Tahir, who is now a crucial member of South Africa cricket team. But do you know that before playing for South Africa, Imran was a cricketer in Pakistan?




Imran used to play for Pakistan’s under-19 cricket team in the late 1990s. During this time, he once visited South Africa for 1998 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. There he saw Sumayya Dildar, a South African model of Indian Origin,  for the first time.

It was love at first sight for Imran. After their brief meeting in Durban, Imran returned to Pakistan. But his heart stayed in South Africa and he couldn’t stop thinking about Sumayya all the time.



He finally left Pakistan for Sumayya and went to South Africa for pursuing her. After he spent considerable time wooing her, Sumayya agreed to marry Imran but under one condition  – that she will not leave South Africa.

So Imran decided to move to South Africa for his love, and left Pakistan in 2006. Imran continued to play cricket there, and after playing domestic cricket for 5 years, he finally got entry in South Africa’s international team in 2011. And after that he never looked back.



Imran and Sumayya are happily married now and the couple has a son named Gibran.




Take a look at this video of the couple talking about their first meet:




Don’t they have the cutest love story, what do you think?