This Man Flew Around The Statue Of Liberty With A Homemade Jetpack

10:25 pm 24 Nov, 2015


A few days back the concept of personal flight achieved a new milestone. David Mayman, an Australian entrepreneur and CEO of Jetpack Aviation, took a flight in his powerful JB-9 jetpack in the airspace of New York. He flew past the great Statue of Liberty and saluted the Statue before final landing.

In a statement its inventors said that jetpack technology is becoming a reality and has the potential to change personal transport.

Strapped into his jetpack, off he goes.

Take off


Powered by two miniature jet turbines, the JB-9 jetpack is capable of vertical takeoff and landing. It is fueled by kerosene.

Flying around the Statue Of Liberty on a jetpack is the cool, new way to do it.

Flying One

The JB-9 can climb to heights above 10,000 feet and travels at speeds above 161 kilometers per hour.

A pretty good maneuver.


The JB-9 is small enough to fit into the trunk of a car.

Hasta la vista, baby!



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Watch the full video here: