This Is Why Sridevi Is One Of The Finest Actresses That Bollywood Ever Had

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3:24 pm 16 Nov, 2017


Sridevi is a phenomenal actress. She is one of the few actresses of the 80s who is still working in the Bollywood industry. Her performances have graced with age and her latest acclaimed film, ‘Maa’, is its true example.




She is one actress who has always portrayed strong women characters with absolute finesse. It is said that even at the peak of her career, she refused to work with Amitabh Bachchan because he wanted to do women-centric films only. This evergreen actress was a celebrated dancer, too.


Moreover, acting is all about being spontaneous and getting the shot right. Well, it would be surprising for you to know that Sridevi never gave a second take because most often, her first take was perfectly fine.

She recently spoke to PTI about being a one-take actor,

I don’t remember doing more than one take for a film. I think the first take is best as you are spontaneous and after that it becomes a mechanical thing. I don’t believe in second take at all.

Just imagine she is 300 films old and she doesn’t believe in retakes. This is certainly an extraordinary, perfect feat. Also, she gives full credit to writers and directors for all her acclaimed performances.

I feel lucky and I have to thank my writers, directors and producers for giving me great part’s to play on screen. There is good quality (work around). I don’t want to do films just because I have to do it. I am already busy at home, I enjoy being at home. I have two daughters. If there is something out of the box and good then only I do it.


Sridevi is certainly an icon and a legacy.