This Interesting Optical Illusion Picture Went Viral And Spooked Many On Social Media

1:46 pm 30 Oct, 2018


Sometimes, certain pictures confused us a lot and make our head spin as we make an effort to recognize or find out what they actually are. Have you ever experienced any such situation? Well, if you haven’t, here is one that will really make your head spin. While the world is busy with all other regular stuff, both offline and online, just days before Halloween this interesting picture went viral and has spooked many on social media. Wonder what that picture is?

The picture was posted by a Twitter user, Robert Maguire, and it has an interesting optical illusion to it. Well, let’s first take a look at the picture before we go on to talk about it.




The Twitter user wrote, “This picture of a crow is interesting because…it’s actually a cat,” as he shared the picture. Take a look below:



At first glance, the picture appears to be that of a crow, isn’t it? However, in reality, it is not that of a black crow, but a black cat. What do you see?

Well, retweeted over 35 thousand times, the post created quite a buzz on social media. While many wondered if the ‘shapeshifting’ animal belonged to the one who posted on Twitter, others compared it with the popular Ludwig Wittgenstein’s rabbit-duck illusion. Take a look at some of the interesting reactions the tweet garnered:












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