This Video Of Radhe Maa Ripping English Apart And Being Unapologetic Is Downright Hilarious

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6:06 pm 30 Mar, 2018


In a country like India, it is very common to see the unflinching faith of the followers in the divinity of godmen.




There is one such godwoman Radhe Maa who claims to be re-incarnation of Goddess Durga. However, very few people know about her journey from being an ordinary tailor to becoming ‘Radhe Maa’. After becoming what she is today, she has played a number of indecent tricks to grab public attention such as doing cheap dances in public and announcing her acting debut online in a web series.



Reacting to the rape charges on rapist Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, she had said that she is a “romantic kind of Goddess“.



She is again in the news for her recent visit to the Golden Temple where she made donation. On her visit to Amritsar, she also attended an event where she left everyone in splits with her hilarious English. After speaking what she wanted to, she started laughing on her own saying that she will not say sorry if she has said something wrong. And even that sight was hilarious as hell!


Watch a glimpse in the video below:




For the uninitiated, this is not the first time Radhe Maa has grabbed public attention with her funny Hinglish, this is the most recent one though! Did you too find it funny? Do let us know in the comments section!

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