This Girl Became A World Topper In Maths By Studying Just One Hour Daily

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6:39 pm 7 Nov, 2015

Umaika Paul is a student of The International School Bangalore (TISB).

On Wednesday Paul became the world topper in Additional Mathematics in the Cambridge International (IGCSE) 2015 examinations.


Paul, who is also learning to dance and taking piano classes always found Maths to be interesting.

But she never knew she was “so good at it” that she will top the IGCSE examination.


IGCSE is conducted in over 120 countries across the world with thousands of students participating in it.

It is a qualification and not a normal certificate course.


When asked what the secret behind her success while balancing her hobbies and studies was, Paul said:

“All I did was religiously practise Mathematics an hour every day . I also took piano and dance classes to balance my mind. As of now, I wish to pursue Science.”

Paul didn’t take any extra classes for Maths, a practice which even Guru Sarjith Senthil, India’s Computer Science topper in IGCSE, also agreed to.

” Personally, I think tuitions are a big waste of time and money.”



Guru Sarjith Senthil DNA

A survey conducted by NSSO revealed that three out of every four students, or over 75 per cent, opt for private tuitions.


Private Tutions


And these are the states where private tuition is a big business.


But Umaika’s success proves that you may not need tuitions at all.




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