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This Heartfelt Post By Vikas Khanna Has A Lesson For Everyone Who Wants To Fulfill Their Father’s Dream

Published on 16 March, 2017 at 4:50 pm By

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna is the face of Indian cuisine, and certainly an inspiration in the culinary world. Hailing from a small town in Amritsar to becoming a renowned chef, his journey has been quite extraordinary and fascinating. He was born with misaligned legs and hence, couldn’t play outdoors. Fortunately, his curse became a gift. He would spend countless days with his grandmother in the kitchen and slowly, became obsessed with food. Well, the rest is history.


We know that every child aspires to make his parents proud. But very often, we are so caught up in chasing our own dreams, we forget to value our parents’ desires. Similarly, Vikas Khanna’s father had a dream to ride his son’s Mercedes and sadly, Vikas never knew about it. Unfortunately, on the day Vikas signed a deal with Mercedes, his father passed away.

In a touching post, he shares his unfortunate experience and at the same, enlightens us with his wisdom.

This is what he shared,

Read the complete text here:

On Jan 31, 2015, as a morning ritual I called home and to speak to my Mom and Dad. Dad was super excited for 2 reasons, Serena Williams was playing Finals for Australian Open and Mercedes had signed me up for their association. He told me that it was his dream to drive his son’s Merc. I laughingly said that why didn’t you tell me before, he joked and said “you had never asked.” We laughed as usual and disconnected.
At noon on the same day, he passed away. No child can ever be ready for this loss; it leaves a hole in your heart. Makes you feel empty, betrayed by Gods and unprotected to the World.
I still wonder about the line he said “you had never asked.”
So many times since that unfortunate day, I wish I could have done more for him, made him proud, and fulfill all his wishes.
Life lesson – Don’t wait for a single more moment. Our parents might never ask for anything and just give all their lives for us.
Surprise them, spoil them, hug them, ask them about their dreams, and loveeee them. Because one day you might be able to buy a fleet of cars, but you cant buy time.



Time is all you have, gift it to your parents.

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