A Social Media Campaign Tries To Take The Blame Away From Rape Victims

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4:00 pm 28 Apr, 2015


The anti-rape campaign, founded by Nathalie Gordon, Lydia Pang, Abigail Bergstrom and Karlie McCulloch along with Rape Crisis South London, aims to stop victim blaming in rape cases. Most of the time, people lay the blame on the victims clothes, behavior, location, etc when it s=comes to rape.

Society has made women feel that if they’re in the wrong part of town or attracting attention or wearing the “wrong” clothes then they’re ‘asking for it’.

‘There’s a myth that surrounds women, a myth that embroils them. Women who dress or behave suggestively, women who are playful or who act provocatively, women who flirt or openly discuss sex – they’re “asking for it”,’ says their website.

#ThisDoesntMeanYes campaign stresses that all women have the right to freedom of expression and do not deserve to be raped for it.


Almost 200 women were photographed for the campaign. Even more women have joined the initiative by uploading their pictures on Instagram along with the hashtag. There has been a growing attempt to highlight the lack of consent rather than victim-blaming.

Only an active “Yes” is consent. It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, eating, drinking, smoking, saying or where she’s doing any of this. A “No” means “No”.

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