All Citizens Of This Country Are Officially Organ Donors

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9:19 pm 6 Jan, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great if we could help someone even after we die?

One way to make that wish come true is by becoming an organ donor. And France has found a way to make all its citizens organ donors.


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Starting January 2017, all French nationals have been presumed to give consent to donation of their organs and tissues once they die unless they specifically choose to opt out.

In France, people will now have to sign a new National Rejection Register to ensure that they do not become donors. Apart from those other ways of opting out include an oral testimony given to a relative or a written waive-off testimony given to a relative.

The bad news is that 150,000 French have already opted out from becoming donors. Presently, Spain leads the world with 36 donors per million population followed by Croatia, Malta and Belgium.

India stands far too low at 0.08 persons per million population.


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Indians need to rise to the occasion. What is better than the joy of giving and helping someone live even after your death?

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