This 20-Year Old Lady Don Of Surat Threatens People With Sword And Extorts Money. Viral Videos Inside!

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1:17 pm 26 May, 2018


Recently, a video of a 20-year old girl from Surat has gone viral on the social media. In the video, the girl, hailed as “Lady Don” of Surat can be seen wielding a sword and  demanding protection money from local shopkeepers. She, along with a male friend can be seen threatening the shopkeepers to close their shop in Varsha Society of Varachha area of Surat. The video has garnered huge attention for the girl from social media.



After the video went viral on the internet, a case was registered against Asmita Baa Gohil, the “Lady Don” of Surat. A case has also been registered against her after which she was arrested by the local police but was later released on bail. You can watch the viral video here:




Asmita Baa Gohil aka Diku has been seen threatening people and extorting money on several occasions in the past. She also has a number of other criminal cases registered against her. She has even gone to jail before the recent video went viral but came out on bail.



Around the festival of Holi, another video of her had gone viral in which she could be seen with her friend Sanjay Gohil, both holding sharp weapons and getting involved in a fracas with a group of men. At that time, both were arrested for inciting riots but later got bail. Check out the video below to see what happened:



The young woman is also a huge social media sensation. At the time of writing, she has more than 2,500 friends and close to 13,000 followers on Facebook.



Asmita’s Facebook feed shows that she has a huge passion for expensive bikes and cars. Take a look at some posts below:

The young woman also has an obsession with weapons and can be seen flaunting swords, knives and pistols in several pictures. You can check out these pictures below:


A criminal is a criminal and should punished for committing crime, irrespective of age and gender. We hope that Surat’s Lady Don, Asmita Baa Gohil and her companion Sanjay Gohil get the punishment they deserve and get to the right path as they have their entire life ahead of them!

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