28 Things Your Guy Wishes You Knew, But Will Never Say To Your Face

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10:00 am 28 Feb, 2016

Listen up girls. While there are a lot of things men don’t understand about women, there are pretty much as many things women don’t understand about men. You may believe you’ve got men all figured out but there is more to it than it meets the eye. There are some hidden thoughts that guys don’t reveal to you, and want you to figure out on your own.

Would you like to know about the most common things that he always wants to tell you but almost never does? Here you go:


1. He will say, “I love you” when he really feels so.

Saying it all the time is not a guy thing, really.


2. Often, he doesn’t know how to respond to your frequent “I miss you” texts.

He may be missing you as well, but he doesn’t feel the burning and recurrent need to say so.


3. He needs a little ‘bro time’ with his friends; it essentially means no more you for that time period.

This isn’t indifference. This is just him being a guy.


4. When he says, “Have fun” as you’re going out with your friends, he truly MEANS it.

He isn’t trying to push you away.


5. He detests the idea of discussing your or his past relationships.

So just avoid doing that, okay?


6. Constant inquires – he doesn’t like that.

Stop being his MOM.


7. If you might not like the answer, don’t ask.

Just don’t.


8. If he asks, “What’s wrong?” and you say, “Nothing”, he will take it literally.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. So, if you are feeling sad, just speak your mind.


9. Boys are not mind readers; just tell them clearly what’s on your mind.

Subtle hints don’t work with them. Just spit it out, will you?


10. Girls aren’t clairvoyants either; stop trying to read his mind because you cannot.


11. Let him do what you asked for or just tell him how you want it to be done.

Not both at the same time.


12. He wants you to understand that your relationship is never going to be the same.

The first few months are super; the rest, not always. Just accept it.


13. Boys totally hate comparisons.

Never-ever compare him to your friends and especially ex-boyfriends.


14. He gets envious of your male friends at times.

It’s just natural. But, he’ll never let it out!


15. Boys admire it when their girls take care of them but they dislike anyone overdoing it.

Who doesn’t?


16. He prefers a quick, sweet conversation at the end of the day instead of texting you all day long.

There are other things they need to focus on, ladies!


17. Guys don’t always want you to wear truckloads of makeup.

If he is committed to you, it’s because he likes you the way you are. Don’t try impressing him with tons of makeup every day.


18. He feels irritated when you keep on asking how you are looking.

He would like to compliment you once or may be twice in a day but half a dozen or more? No. You will just be getting on his nerves.


19. Sex is not always on his mind; there are tons of other things that run through his head.

Stop judging already, please.


20. Your guy is not always thinking about YOU.

So, get over it. And, it certainly doesn’t mean that he don’t love you anymore.


21. He likes to snuggle as much as you do.

He’s just too shy to admit it.


22. He really wants to make you happy; it’s just that sometimes he is clueless about it.

So, instead of judging him, why don’t you help him out?


23. If he is not talking to you, it’s not that he doesn’t want to; he is just not in the mood.

It has nothing to do with you. Take a deep breath and wait.


24. Guys detest crying and teary-eyed tactics.

He won’t tell you but if you don’t stop, it might backfire anytime soon. You have been warned.


25. He thinks (and believes) that it’s no big deal if he cannot remember anniversaries, birthdays and so many other occasions.

Every day is special, right? Just let him be.


26. A guy checking out another woman doesn’t mean he is planning to dump you or ask her out.

It’s just an opposite-sex thing. Simple as that! Don’t fuel unnecessary altercations by taking them too seriously.


27. He hates it when you use his statements from a bygone era to win an argument today.

Keep it current, ladies.


28. He wishes for appreciation and respect, as much as he wants love.

So don’t forget to praise him, when he accomplishes something right.


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