College Season Is Here! 18 Things You’ll Learn In The 1st Sem That Will Stay With You

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8:00 pm 29 Apr, 2015


College is just weeks away now. A new world of people, learning, freedoms and restrictions awaits you. Moments of fun and despair, intermingled with new friendships and rivalries, all are packaged together into the 1st Semester.

1. You’ll learn from day 1 how to sit with strangers at the dining table, hoping to make friends.

It’s only for the first few days, and then you should have a bunch of friends to hang out with

2. By the end of 1st sem, you’ll realize how easy high school really was.

We’re sure you’ve cried about having 2 tests everyday at school. Wait till you start college, where 2 presentations, 3 final papers, class tests, all lined up in one day.

3. No ragging! That’s banned and has been replaced with a new kind of meanness.


Yes, it’s true the college is going to be full of wolves, ready to pounce and knock you over, especially the seniors. They will avenge upon you their first experience at college, and use innovative ways to show you that your place is below them.

4. Very soon you will realize the importance of having a good roommate (if you stay at the hostel).

A good roommate is a blessing in disguise. Get a mean bitchy roommate, and your semester could end in a civil war against this person you share a 12″x8″ room with.

5. And it is also the semester when people meet their buddies for a lifetime.

6. You shouldn’t have taken homemade food for granted.

You hated the food mom made? Just wait till your reach the 1st sem and experience the food prepared in college and hostel canteen.

7. Being away from home might have been a dream. Now, the dream is to go back to things you’ve left behind.

You’ll miss home, the comforts of home, the food, your room, your balcony, your pet, everything. Maybe coming to college was a horrible decision after all.

8. For a very long time, you’ll be asked the same question over and over again.

“So, buddy, where are you from?”

9. Build your network, immediately Facebook friend new people you meet.

After all you’ll want to flaunt the number of new friends you’ve made

10. Stay up all night to have some serious intellectual talks.

Like all of it mattered a lot. Love, life, nature, travel, books, and so on…

11. Learn to enjoy silent dorm parties, lest you wake the warden up.

12. If you haven’t yet, this is the time when you will definitely at least taste alcohol.

Unless you’re some saint from the Mars or maybe too cool for alcohol.

13. Besides books and canteen, you will need extra money to go out on dates too.

Learn to manage your money. Getting a part time job is not a bad idea, if you can make that tick.

14. You’re going to see many people wearing the same clothes as you.

Fashion imitation is rampant across colleges in India. It is no surprise then that you will find at least one more person wearing the same clothes in college as you.

15. Audition for everything new at college to show how talented you are.

Be it singing, dancing, acting, street art competition, poster making, debates or Fresher’s Night modeling, you’re set out to prove how talented you are.

16. At least once, we all think this is the right time to reinvent ourselves.

17. You will be taking many unplanned trips to explore nearby areas around the campus.


This is true for both borders and day scholars. You’re going to take many trips around the campus to explore every unknown, hidden gem.

18. This is perhaps the only semester when you will study the hardest.

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