21 Things You Just Shouldn’t Apologize For

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7:00 pm 25 Jan, 2016

There’s nothing worse than self-inflicted pain and guilt. More often than not, we are apologetic for unnecessary things. Let’s not be ruthless with ourselves.

Yes, one should be armed with sincere apologies when ever we are required to. Here are 21 times when just don’t need to be apologetic:

1. For being real in this world of superfluity.

2. For walking away from people who were never apologetic about pulling you down every time you wanted to fly.

3. For passionately chasing one impossible dream; because, trust me, it’s possible.

4. For being nice to people, really. It’s nice to be nice.


5. For wearing your heart on your sleeve. You’re human.

6. For being honest to the world. Not everybody can do that, so ignore the haters.

7. For saying hurtful things to your loved ones. It’s okay to let them know they’ve hurt you.

8. For loving someone. Why do you have to feel guilty of loving someone unconditionally? Don’t!


9. For making wrong decisions. They taught you lessons you wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.

10. For celebrating. Your happiness and celebration shouldn’t come with the guilt of someone else’s unhappiness.

11. For not trusting someone. There must be a good reason why you don’t trust them anymore.

12. For taking that first step to patch things up with an old friend. If your heart wants it, go ahead.

13. For prioritizing your happiness, or yourself for that matter. You just cannot please others if you aren’t pleased enough by yourself.


14. For acknowledging your glory. There’s a difference between acknowledgment and arrogance.

15. For your appearance. Ladies, don’t be apologetic about venturing out in a sweatshirt without make-up. Please!

16. For speaking your mind. Your opinions and beliefs matter and are valuable. Don’t be apologetic about them. They make you the gem you are.

17. For posting an article, or song or anything you love. You cannot please everyone. Social media is made to share your love. Simple!


18. For standing up for yourself. You can’t stop doing it for fear of being labelled proud or self-obsessed. It’s not the same.

19. For growing apart from certain people. You grow up to have different interests and beliefs. If these don’t complement you two, it’s really okay to grow apart.

20. For having found a direction in life when other are still trying to figure their’s out.

21. Or for not having a direction yet. You’ll soon realize it’s one of the most exciting phases of life.


I am sorry. NOT!

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