20 Things That Show You Can Do Anything For Your Family

10:00 am 24 Jun, 2015

Family – the people who know you from your birth and have seen you grow to what you have become now. They know who you are both from inside and outside, and understand you. Family is the very first group you come to know after you are born and, hence, they play a very significant role in your life. They build the first few years of your life till you become capable of being independent. So here’re 20 things that show you can do anything for your family.

1. You will give up your friend’s party just so that they aren’t lonely.


2. Family outings are a priority for you.


3. Your friends might think you are an introvert but you aren’t since you like spending more time with family.


4. If you are at McDonald’s or KFC with your friends, you are sure to bring back parcels for your family.


5. If anything has happened in the family, you are sure to drop everything important and go to try and resolve it.


6. You will always have the missing feeling if someone from your family has gone somewhere for a while.


7. You find it awkward and weird when someone says they aren’t close to their family.


8. They will know all of your friends because you are transparent about all your relationships you have outside of your family.


9. You are sure to fall homesick if you are out on a holiday or even for studies away from your family and home.


10. Ghar ka khana is your favourite cuisine.


11. You never forget any of your family member’s birthday, which is why you have probably developed a good memory by now.


12. Family weddings are more fun for you rather than clubbing with your friends.


13. Papa ki behen ki beti ka husband ki behen is also important for you. (Even if you have met them for the 1st time!)


14. Your cousins are your best friends.


15. You definitely won’t mind going to Goa with your family.


16. You are very protective about your siblings whether hot or not.


17. Your whole family is on your Facebook friend list.


18. You don’t mind teaching them using gadgets.


19. When a family member repeats the same story between intervals, you listen patiently with a smile.


20. Their dream is your dream.


Blood is thicker than water.


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