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11 Things Wrong With Modern Day Feminism And Why Men Hate It

Published on 21 January, 2018 at 8:00 am By

While feminism is the need of the hour for greater women empowerment and equal access to opportunities for both the sexes, the movement in the modern times has also led to emergence of a class of pseudo-feminists who are in fact deterring the whole movement and creating a negative perception, especially in the minds of men, for themselves and for the rest of the genuine feminists.


They have already done much harm, causing a large number of men, and even women, to despise feminism and coining of terms like ‘feminazi’ are a direct consequence of such behaviors projected by these feminists.

Here are 11 things that are wrong with modern day feminism and the reasons why many despise it.

1. They change the definition of feminism according to situations.

The definition of feminism differs from one person to another, whatever suits their individual and momentary narrative, and this often leads to conflicts among the so-called feminists themselves over the claim that who is a ‘real’ feminist and who is not. There isn’t anything universal.


2. They cry on small issues and ignore the real misogynists.

There is a whole breed of modern feminists putting way too much effort in places like metros, which have comparably less issues related to gender inequality, ignoring largely the spaces which need more of their attention like the villages where women face abject circumstances and restrictions.


3. It has become anti-men.


Modern feminism has evolved from a movement striving for equal rights for women as men in the 20th century to a pressure group in the 21st century, which is anti-man and projects themselves rather superior to men instead of equals.


4. They demand equality but also expect special treatments.

Modern feminists, while they raise aggressive slogans for equal rights in every possible space, which isn’t largely wrong, also expect special treatments from men like leaving seats for them just because they are women which contradict what they stand for in the first place.


5. They generalize all men as perverts.

Hardcore contemporary feminists often go as far as stereotyping all men as perverts and demons, who are hell bent to put hurdles on the way of progress of women or rather want to have women below them, ignoring a large number of men who have been fighting for women’s rights from the beginning. In fact, a majority of men would happily stand with women any day.


6. They use ‘feminism’ for selfish gains.

Many times, the so-called feminists rarely do anything for women empowerment and just misuse the word feminism to get what they want. They play the victim card that they are being mistreated because they are women whenever they are confronted even for fair reasons.


7. They refuse to acknowledge biological difference between men and women.

Their fight for equality often becomes madness when they try to force equality in everything, overriding the fact that men and women are two different genders. Yes, there are some things that suit better for women and there are some tasks that only suit men, because they are biologically different. There is nothing discriminatory about it, but they fail to understand this.


8. They are inconsiderate of the problems faced by men.

They often completely neglect the fact that men too can be made to feel discriminated or can be harassed because of their gender. They (feminists) rather laugh at the problems of men, unlike most men who stand for a woman because they think, as they are women, their problems are always bigger.


9. They exaggerate circumstances.

They exaggerate situations and link even a personal attack to an attack on all women. It has reached such level that men are afraid of disagreeing with them least they are termed anti-women and hunted down.


10. They are in hurry to bring changes.

Modern feminists are too much in hurry to bring changes in the society. Rationally speaking, most of the world has for long lived in a patriarchal society but has now started moving away from the system and this is going to take a while and feminism is needed here. But these modern pseudo-feminists are dangerously in hurry and this is doing much harm.


11. They get easily offended.

They get offended way too easily. A major factor for such behavior is that they constantly see themselves as victims and men as oppressors and cannot stand anything said against them.





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