7 Things Women Want In Bed That Drives Them Crazy

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8:30 am 8 Jul, 2018


Sexual pleasure and orgasms are a two-way street if you want the relationship to last. There are so many myths around things women want in bed and what gives women sexual pleasure including things like women are shy, women aren’t sexually driven, women are not open to trying new things, etc that men generally except such hearsay things to be true. However, you would be surprised to know women want more than just foreplay and cuddling in bed.

The thing however is that, they will not tell you if you don’t ask or also if she not comfortable discussing such things with you because she is apprehensive about what you may think of her. Fret not though, even if she doesn’t tell you, here are 7 things you never expected that women want in bed.

1. Dominating in bed




Women love it when men dominating in bed. And love it the way round too! Even if not in an extremely intense manner, there are many who loves exploring sex with a little bit of rough edges. Hence, do ask your lady love if she wants to get dominated or dominate you.

2. Use cuss words



Talk dirty to your woman in bed and she’ll go crazy. Against what most men believe, women aren’t all about shyness and sweet-talking. Using swear are one of the top things women want in bed. However, always make sure to play it out after agreeing on it mutually.

3. Get slutty


Don’t go all, ‘Oh!I love you baby!’ or ‘You’re so sweet and loving’ on her. Though she likes when you call her sweet but also loves being reminded of her naughty side.

4. Say how you feel


Men like when women moan, sigh, or grunt while having sex. Well guess what? So do women! Express what you are feeling while she’s kissing, biting, licking, or doing things to your body that gives you pleasure. Be as vocal as you can. And also, the longer your intercourse, the better the sex will be for both of you.

5. Kiss everywhere


Don’t keep the kissing limited to the face and neck. Kiss every part of her body. One of the things most women complain about not getting in bed is that they weren’t kissed enough and that most of her body was untouched.

6. Role-playing


Have you fantasized about doing it with a nurse or a favorite character of yours from a movie or book? Well, surprise, so has she! Role playing is definitely one thing women want in bed, or rather before taking things to the bed!

7. Be spontaneous



Sex will become boring for both of you if it’s done in the same manner always! Women love it when men kiss them out of the blue, or take them while they’re completely unprepared. So go right ahead and make love when you feel a sudden endearment for the woman in your life. It could be anywhere too, if you both agree on it mutually.


So you see, things women want in bed aren’t any different from what men want. And if done right, both of you will get the best out of it!

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