15 Things A Woman Must Do On First Date, Other Than Looking Beautiful

2:40 pm 8 Sep, 2018


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But when it comes to men, they usually make choices on basis of appearances. While being beautiful may get you a lot of dates, a good relationship demands a lot beyond mere looks and the first date is always the foundation of a healthy relationship.


1. Reach on time

A few girls think it is glamorous to be ‘stylishly late’. Some even believe that a guy’s attitude when she gets late reveals whether he would be a keeper or not. The reality is this is all rubbish! Time is valuable to each of us and would you yourself be comfortable waiting for someone all alone? So why take an undue advantage of someone’s decency?




2. Make him comfortable

Ask him if he had any trouble coming and thank him for all the preparations he made to please you. Even guys love to be complimented.



3. Smile

you may spend hours to dress up in expensive fineries but the most attractive feature of yours would still be your smile to your guy. So do not be frugal with it.



4. Initiate a meaningful conversation

Most women love to talk. But every minute detail of your shopping scheme, your favorite film or your best friend’s daily schedule might not be what your guy wants to hear. He may be decent enough not to mention it, but shouldn’t you be sensible?



5. Keep your cell phone away

There is no worse mannerism than fiddling with your phone during a conversation specially on a date.



6. Try to know him better without being too inquisitive

While it is absolutely essential for you to know him better, he might find you clingy, thus it is also essential for you to know the limits. Ask him basic questions about his family, friend circle and hobbies but save former relationship queries for a later date.


Try to know him better


7. Be subtly vocal of your priorities in a relationship

This will resolve various ‘incompatibility’ issues at the very outset.



8. Be honest

At all costs! Never lie to your date or hide important things from him.



9. Offer to split the bill

You do not know, how far this meeting would go or for that matter would you ever see him again or not yet, so why owe him something as yet?



10. Drop subtle hints

Why not reveal to him if you are not interested right then? Rather than giving copious cold shoulders over ignored texts and calls later?




11. Remember that fashion is comfort

Looking your best naturally happens to be the most anxious of your worries on a first date, but do not trade your comfortability away. Wear whatever makes you confident.



12. Look your best but not Over the top

Most Guys hate girls who put too much of make up, so do not let yourself appear like a fake wannabe. Let your personality do the trick instead.




13. Inquire adequately beforehand

While even thinking about this let alone taking an action at a romantic moment like a date might seem difficult, but in no way can you ignore the growth of several date rapists or trafficking rackets, who use romance to trap women. The people they employ to get hold of women are mostly no less charming than Bollywood stars. So, a background check (not only on the web but also through people you know) should be your first responsibility before heading for a date. Make sure that you have at least a couple of long term mutual friends.



14. Don’t accept random gifts (unless you are looking for a Sugar Daddy)

Surprises can wait for a surer occasion later.



15. Don’t accept requests of unsolicited intimacy

Save it for a date later, when you are more confident about the relationship’s future.



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