12 Things We Did In Class When The Teacher Failed To Show Up

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12:00 pm 17 Feb, 2016

Remember how we rejoiced when the teacher didn’t turn up for class? Here is a look at some of the things we would do as soon as we got wind that a teacher wasn’t coming to class.


1. Pretend we were the teacher and mimic his antics.


2. Gobble up our food long before lunch break.


3. Catch up on gossip.


4. Stare at the person you had a crush on.


5. Pass notes to friends or throw chalk at each other.


6. Complete all that pending homework or just ahem…read.


7. Bask, or roast, in the sun on the school playground.


8. Break into impromptu song and dance sequences.


9. Entertain the class by showing off your expert moves.


10. Pray that the next period also turned out to be free from teachers and such.


 11. Daydream or doze off.


12. Fool the others into thinking that the teacher has shown up after all.


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