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17 Things We Desperately Want In Kolkata

Updated on 10 September, 2019 at 6:14 pm By

Kolkata, or Calcutta to most of us, is indeed the cultural capital of India—a conglomeration of beautiful people (literally!), amazing cuisine, great ethics and, of course, a charged-up political scenario! But let’s be honest, Calcutta may be our Princess, but for the city to turn into a beautiful Queen, some funky and some important installations need to be done without delay. What do you think?


If you’re wondering what our choices would be, here’s a little list for you—

1. Starbucks for the coffee lovers!

Forget CCD or Barista, after Chili’s and Serafina, this city now craves for some soothing but strong Starbucks coffee!




2. Some (more) books, mugs of strong coffee and a great adda.

That’s how you describe typical Calcutta youth! And, if you want to see us really enjoy our lives and times, do let some amazing Book Cafes come up in the city!


3. Food on the go!

All said and done, Calcutta is the Queen of Street food! And, to bestow her with more power, we want amazing mobile food trucks to be installed NOW! Just Benfish won’t do!



4. Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream!

And, more ice-cream! Can someone teach the Calcutta ice-cream parlor owners how to create amazing concept ice-creams?

Yea, yea! We do have a couple or more—but we want MANY MORE!


5. Where’s the EYE?

If “the” didi promised to turn Calcutta into Lawn-don (it’s London, for the beginners), then we must have a “Calcutta Eye” soon, sooner, soonest!


6. Scuba diving—Ganga diving!

If you’ve taken a stroll from the Outram Ghat towards the Princep Ghat, then you must’ve noticed the Scuba Diving training center located at a tiny corner! Well, if it’s there, then why doesn’t it open to the common people! We can have our share of fun, while they can have their share of profit!

Food for some thought, indeed!


7. Where’s the boating space?

Well, we all have a fairly good idea about the prospect of Rabindra Sarobar or the Dhakuria Lake dotted with numerous tiny islands! We’d be quite happy to have boating facilities opened along with some great island cafes and much more!

Another bright proposal, ain’t it?


8. Free spaces for performances!

Calcutta was renowned for its street theatre and open performances. We want to revive those now! But thanks to the ccrraazzzyy traffic, we wouldn’t mind some free spaces for the same!




9. We want more graffiti—and, not just the weekly newspaper magazine!

And, how about some graffiti contest ala the Indian style? Few lanes in the northern part of the city boast of some amazing graffiti art.

So, why not bring it to the forefront and make the city actually “hip and happening”, traditionally?




10. More medical units—specialized some, and some for the poor.

We do need more specialized medical units so that for little check-ups, we don’t have to buy expensive tickets to down South and the West! And, these places should also arrange proper check-up facilities for the poor.

Don’t you think so?


11. Laser tags, where art thou?

Laser tags are super fun and enjoyable! Yea, we do have a couple of places with this facility, but a few more of them won’t cause anyone much harm, will it eh?




12. Let the WiFi spread it’s wings!

Dear God, can we have WiFi not only in Park Street, but in the whole of Calcutta sooner? Please?


13. Protection of the historical buildings and monuments!

Because it’s indeed heartrending to see those amazing huge buildings and palatial structures being smashed to the ground every now and then!




14. Better Metro facility.

We simply love our Metro trains. But, of late, it’s becoming more of a suicide point than anything else!

Could we not have a proper station, please?

Also, we need more stations—the East-West Metro has been pending since long enough now! Ermm, just a reminder, you see!


15. CRrraazzyyy Water parks, and even crazier Theme parks!

Because Nicco Park and Wet-o-Wild aren’t being able to cater to our new demands – Aquatica is a bit too far – and a bit too much in news for wrong reasons!


16. More shelters for animals.

If you’re a Calcutta youth, then you are bound to know our love for animals! While we try to immune and vaccinate as much stray dogs and cats as possible, we cannot really provide as much shelter as we would really want to! So..!


17. Forever 21 store, if not anything else.

We are a happy and easily satisfied bunch, you know!

So, we don’t really want a ZARA or any other high-end brands now. We will be immensely satisfied with the pocket-friendly F21.

Anyone, please?







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