9 Things A Wannabe Traveller Faces In Life

6:00 pm 7 May, 2015


Travelling the world is sure on the list of many. Who wouldn’t want to explore new places, meet new people and enjoy the nature’s unbound beauty! But surely it isn’t that easy. So here’s 8 reasons people who want to become travellers but can’t, will realize.


1. Only if travelling was free, you would never see me again!

This is one quote that describes your life. With your limited savings, travelling and exploring is still on the waiting list.



2. Are you a bloody nomad!?

If your parents are not that modern or still have a different thinking, this question is not at all new to you as you have heard it quite often when you tell them about being a traveller.


3. Work. Work. Work.

Your job is always a barrier. Either you don’t get leave or your work just gets piled up the moment you plan a trip.


4. Your traveller buddies are sure to get some work whenever you plan a trip!

Unfortunately it’s the exact time when you plan a trip that your friends have their exam or some important work to finish. Hence, your trip gets cancelled at the last minute as usual.


5. The lack of traveller species!

You won’t find a professional traveller that easily who could give you guidance and help you with becoming one.


6. Someday I’ll travel the world!

No matter how much ever time you tried to apply for your visa and passport to travel abroad you unfortunately won’t get things done that easily.


7. A traveller who’s homesick!

You might love to travel but on the other hand you are also homesick. You love staying at home which is why you may give up on becoming a traveller easily if things don’t work out.


8. Staying healthy while you travel.

You may unfortunately have certain medical conditions that might not allow you to experience certain situations. And while travelling one might have to go through extremes. Motion sickness sucks.


9. You keep an eye on travel packages and wish to travel that place soon.




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