5 Things To Look Out For To Reduce Cancer Risk At Home

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Updated on 27 Jun, 2018 at 2:49 pm


All of us realize that pollution has become a big part of our everyday lives, to the extent that many of us who live in bigger cities prefer to stay indoors in the comfort of our homes. What many people do not realize is that there are two types of pollution – visible and invisible. Visible is usually associated with the things we are aware about and can see, for example, the smog that we can see and breathe while driving our cars on the highways or the pollution in water bodies around our homes. Invisible pollution mostly deals with the things that cannot be seen by the naked eye or in this case, pollution that might be visible, but we just aren’t aware of it yet.

Many governments and organizations are now trying to create awareness in the society about this kind of pollution around the world. It is mostly concerned with carcinogens, which are cancer-causing substances found in artificial products around us. Here’s a list of all the things you should be careful about:

1. Lipsticks

Women unwittingly inject cancer causing substances through cosmetics and makeup, specifically lipstick. Most artificial products have a certain amount of metals in them, but in the case of lipsticks, the levels are worth being paid attention to. If you limit the number of times you use the product in a single day and are a little careful about the brands you buy along with the chemical content in them, all is well.



2. Deodorants

These products have long been under scrutiny by health authorities worldwide. However, there is no proof that all deodorants cause cancer. The only issue is with products that use aluminum in them. Because once the aluminum compounds are absorbed by your body through the sweat glands, they may trigger the cancer cells present in your body. The best remedy is to just look out for organic or natural/homemade deodorants and minimize the risk.


3. The paint on walls

This issue is little talked about at least in developing nations. But your home wall is definitely something you should focus your attention on. Many brands use lead and other arsenic material in their paint mixture which is  likely to harm your children because there’s a chance they will inhale the paint dust. Again, like most other things, if the contact level is minimum it won’t do much harm, but you are only mitigating a big risk if you do some research before you repaint your house.


4. Radiation from the neighborhood

It’s quite simple – this gas is mostly present in soil and sometimes even in water. So, if the cracks open up in nature and the gas came out, it can easily enter your home, through the water or through the walls. If you inhale this gas by chance it goes to your lungs and gives off the radioactivity inside. Many studies have shown that it can trigger the risks of getting a lung cancer. The next time you buy a house, make sure you know the geography and history of the place.


5. Your drinks

Probably not the best thing you’ve read today, given how many of us consume alcohol these days. Many studies have already established the link between high ethanol intake and different types of cancers including kidney, liver and mouth cancer. But don’t let the post scare you. There is no one particular alcohol type that you should be scared of, just the quantity of alcohol that you consume. Look out for larger ethanol levels in each drink you take and all will be well.



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