13 Things To Not Miss At Colaba, Mumbai

6:35 pm 3 Jun, 2015

Mumbai is the city of dreams, the home of Bollywood and bumper to bumper traffic. Located at the southernmost tip of this city is Colaba, where most of the major attractions of the city can be found. It’s dominated by British-era buildings. It is vibrant and colourful, and compact and convenient at the same time! One just can’t leave Mumbai without visiting Colaba. Since there are so many things to see, here’s a list of 13 things you must not miss at Colaba, Bombay.

1. Capturing the splendid Gateway of India.

It’s like the entrance to Mumbai, or India, for the visitors arriving to Mumbai by boat. It is a historic monument that is emblematic of the British rule in India. Beautifully constructed, it incorporates both Hindu and Muslim design and structure.


2. Relaxing at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

The hotel that many claim to offer the highest level services in India is a must visit in Colaba. It has hosted many known personalities from presidents to ministers, businessmen and stars. It consists of two distinct buildings – the old and the new one – with different architectural design.


3. Beer at Leopold cafe.

With its vintage ambiance, it brings out the typical Mumbai spirit in you. With delicious food at reasonable rates, its beer on tap is a distinctive feature. It also serves fresh juice and is a perfect place to relax, away from the noisy city.


4. Devoting yourself at Afghan church.

With beautiful architecture that marks the long extinct colonial might, the church is dedicated to the British soldiers who fell in the Afghan campaigns.


5. Shopping at Colaba Causeway.

Shopping in Colaba caters to every style, budget and taste, and what better than the famous Colaba causeway! You get whatever you want from sweat pants to bead necklaces and a variety of others although it’s known for its collection of accessories.


6. Coffee at Cafe Mondegar.

Beautifully decorated with Mario Miranda sketches, cafe Mondegar is the perfect place to have some really good food while enjoying the vintage juke box.


7. Eating Kebabs at Bademiya.

It’s a legendary restaurant in Colaba and is known for service until late at night. It’s open till 3 in the morning and you will find people coming in even after 2 for snacks. It’s the perfect place to satisfy your craving for kebabs.


8. Clubbing at Alibii.

It’s the sea-facing clubbing hot spot of Colaba. It’s known for private booths designed around the seven sins. The ambiance is electric with blue lights everywhere and some great music.


9. Partying at Radio Club.

The parties here are best. Don’t miss this one.


10. The ghodha-gadi ride.

And that’s like every child’s dream!


11. Marina Rooftop Cafe – Sea Palace Hotel.

Sipping a cup of coffee, relaxing and enjoying the sight of the wide open sea and that too at the rooftop of the Palace Hotel is something of a rare experience.

12. Sassoon Docks.

The main fish loading and trading centre in Southern Mumbai.


13. Regal Cinema.

Catch the latest Bollywood flick and escape the heat, but don’t forget to stand up for the Indian national anthem at the start of the show.




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