10 Things To Never Ask An Environmentalist

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Updated on 10 Jul, 2016 at 1:35 pm


Going green is the new trend all over the world. Many of us find ourselves wondering where and how to begin. But often the questions aren’t as simple as the answers, and one can find oneself in the middle of very strange conversations with people. So before you start sending out those Facebook messages, emails and chats or striking casual conversations with people about how to live green, refer to this post here.

Environmentalist 101: 10 things to never ask an environmentalist:

1. I want to be an environmentalist. How can I be one?

Come on, for real? Granted we do live in a country where “my son will become an engineer” comes before the son even develops the ability to decide what he’s interested in or talented at. It is not a switch. There is no particular characteristic that defines what an environmentalist should be, except for a self aware thought that you care about this planet. So, if your answer is yes, then congratulations. You’ve taken that first step towards being an environmentalist!


2. Does this mean I can save money by being cheap?


Cheap and expensive are two things that depend heavily on personal lifestyles. You may not be an environmentalist and still get through your days on a cheap pocket. But does that help the environment? Get my hint?


3. I read about this guide online. Should I start practising from this month?

Unless you are on a green marketing campaign clock that needs to meet a deadline, good luck with that turn around. It should be a well thought process because it’s a journey, not a destination. You want to be sure of what you’re getting into. If the thought counts then your journey has begun in this moment!


4. I found this awesome girl living on zero waste. Can I do this?

Fun fact: Everyone is different. Everyone’s habits are different. She may be recycling and composting on her own but unless you can find that kind of time, money, space and regulation to help yourself, I suggest you prepare your own green living agenda keeping in mind your limitations.


5. Who’s the best environmentalist to follow? I want someone famous but his habits should be affordable….

I’m sorry but this talk will only get downhill from here. I’d like to suggest Leonardo DiCaprio but I’m afraid you don’t have a billion dollars on you to afford that kind of a life.  Find a personal superstar path to follow. And allow the celebrities to just be the sidekick inspiration.


6. If I ride a bicycle at this age will people think I’m poor?

Firstly, many big celebrities and rich people are now riding bicycles all around the world so this has become a major trend. The only person you need to convince is yourself. Once that barrier is broken, it’s pretty much a “no care” zone beyond that.


7. I love animals but I also love meat. What to do?

As opposed to the popular belief, you don’t have to be a vegan to be an environmentalist. Yes, you should care about where your meat is coming from. Is the chicken locally bred and if your fish was caught at the expense of abusing the resource? Remember that we were always an omnivorous species. So it’s your choice really.


8. Will I have to stop using my deodorants and makeup?

Yes, because being green means we all explore our roots all the way back to being primitive and unkempt. Of course not. You can be mindful and try not use cosmetics that are tested on animals but that’s totally a matter of choice.


9. What do you mean be genuine? I just bought all my clothes from a second hand shop.

Congratulations. If you seriously ask that question the conversation will end even before it begins. Buying second hand clothes says very little about your inner thoughts. Keep it simple in all spheres of life, only then will you qualify to even have this talk.


10. So this will help the planet?

You bet it will!



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