Planning A Trip To Taiwan? Keep These Things In Mind

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5:01 pm 17 Feb, 2017

Located in the east of Asia, Taiwan is one of the most affordable places to visit.

It not only provides an amalgam of rich Chinese and Japanese cultures but also offers a variety of places bearing strong western influences in an stunning Asian backdrop.

While there are many places one can visit across the country, there are few basic things that you need to keep in mind when you plan a trip to this fantastic island nation.



Taiwan is highly prone to earthquakes as it is located on the boundary between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate. These two plates are converging at 80 mm per year and thus the island gets about 6-12 quakes a day.

While this might sound worrying, note that it’s a common phenomenon and one need not worry about them. Staying alert is enough. The quakes can also be monitored via live online updates which give regular advance warnings.

English is not their first or even their second language


One of the biggest challenges a tourist in Taiwan faces is communicating with the locals as English is not a language that is widely spoken there.

When visiting Taiwan, one must either know a local who can take them around the town or hire a local guide who can take them around various places and make all the arrangements for them.

The good thing is that these guides are readily available in every city and are really friendly towards the tourists. They also take care that tourists get a good deal on anything they buy and that they are not looted by touts.

The country is well connected via Rail and Road


You can travel from any point of Taiwan to another via a bus or train and thus don’t need to book any flight. You would need about 1o days though to be able to cover the whole country from north to south while spending a day touring each city.

The average travel time from one city to another is an hour to hour-and-half as it is well connected via a single Freeway/Expressway, which usually doesn’t witness any traffic.

You don’t need to buy a SIM card for a short trip


The country is well connected via the internet service and has many free WiFi connections provided at every tourist spot in the country.

Both well-known hotels and tourist destinations have also got their own free WiFi facility, which provides its visitors an easy way to connect to others. All one needs to do is connect to one of these and use various phone apps to connect with family back home.

One can also “rent” their own WiFi routers to stay connected at all hours. They are available at the airport. All they need to do is approach a “Hi-Net” store (provided inside the airport itself) to rent the router and then return them on their way back.

Food can be a challenge, but varieties are available


Anuradha Singh

Like any foreign land, one of the biggest challenges that tourists face in any part Taiwan is food. But the good thing is that every hotel in the country has their own meal system which offers a variety of international cuisines, including pure vegetarian dishes.

One can also find many restaurants that specifically cater to the tastes of the tourists and thus, with a bit of research, one can find places where they can get the food of their choice.


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