10 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Bunking Classes

Updated on 22 Apr, 2015 at 6:08 pm


Can you recall the excitement you had when you did that first class bunk in school? In case you never bunked classes, this article is not for the serious you. Anyways, that adrenaline rush of skipping your boring lectures and the fear of getting caught by your parents/teachers is what makes bunking classes even more thrilling. But you need to be careful. So, remember these things before bunking classes.

1. Carry a sick leave written by your parents always.

This will help you escape easily if you are caught. But make sure that the date is not mentioned on that letter, otherwise the story will be totally different.


2. And if you think that getting that from your parents is really difficult, just carry a Crepe bandage along.


It is the fastest way to save your ass.

Crepe bandage

3. Always remember: if the plan goes big enough to bunk the entire school, your siblings ought to know.

Coz no matter how much you fight, they will eventually protect you.

Bunking class

4. Don’t really think about going straight to the canteen, it is the most predictable place for teachers to know.

Most predictable place

5. Watch out for the CCTVs.

Yes, they are not there just for show anymore, someone might just be looking at you.


6. If you have your parents/relatives in the same school, stay away from them as much as possible.

Chances are they might take the whole group straight to the principal’s office.

Principal's office

7. Be prepared to stand out in the sun for hours outside principal’s office.

Just in case you are caught.

Principal's office

8. Don’t boast about it to everyone in the class before time.

Doesn’t help. At all.


9. Always watch out for the Physical Education teacher.

Coz he probably has the strongest hand amongst all and won’t really hesitate before using it.

Strongest hand

10. And the most important of it all, make sure you have fun.

It does get scary sometimes when the school is very strict but still, savour the moment.


Bunking of class

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