15 Free Things You Can Enjoy Only In Bangalore

9:00 pm 8 Oct, 2015

The vibrant city of Bangalore is lovingly called the City of Gardens and aptly so. Bangalore is so loved not only because Deepika hails from Bangalore but also because of the true spirit of it. A few things in Bangalore one can experience free of cost are listed here:

1. Walk or sit around in Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is simply one of the most beautiful parks you can ever witness. You can go for a long walk or just sit around and chill!

2. Taking a bicycle trip around the city

Among the various thrilling things to do in the city, a bicycle trip downtown is a must. It is one hell of an experience and the nicest way to have a look around the city.

3. An early morning visit to Nandi Hills

One of the easiest and the best travel destinations in Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a must visit. Plan a bike ride with your friends or plan a trek towards the top. You WON’T regret it.

4. Gorgeous paintings on the street walls

You should definitely take a walk through the streets of Bangalore, as it will help you to understand this city and you can locate many gorgeous painting on the walls of the street.

5. Hanging out at Lalbagh with friends

A place you can visit and hang out at as much time as you want. The place is simply spectacular and its calm surroundings are a delight to be in. It is a paradise for photography lovers.

6. Wildlife safari at Bannerghatta National Park

Well connected to the city, it is one of the closest destinations to the city. The safaris they conduct are way better than the zoos and offer scenic beauty.

7. Trekking

A trek with friends is one thing you MUST do at least once in a place like Bangalore, as it has a collection of awesome spots for trekking!

8. Camping

Adventure lovers, Bangalore is the place to be! It gives an authentic and beautiful camping experience.

9. Walking around the Sankey Lake

A perfect walk, beautiful waters and a perfect sunset is the perfect setting for a perfect day. Sankey Lake is beautiful and it offers scenic beauty. It also has a mini-forest area located on an island in the middle of the lake.

10. Rafting

There are a lot of places near Bangalore where you can go rafting and it is simply the best experience ever, though it is not free completely.

11. The best thing one can do – be with the nature, click amazing pictures and enjoy.

12. Games on the roads

There are games which are painted on the roads of Bangalore. So why wait? Just grab your friends and relive your childhood.

13. Visit to waterfalls

Bangalore is blessed with a lot of waterfalls around the city. So don’t wait. Go and indulge yourself in the mystic beauty of these waterfalls.

14. Slab climbing in Savandurga

Savandura is the monolithic rock that is one of the largest in the world. It provides top-class slab climbing and is popular among trekking lovers.

15. Visit temples

Bangalore is home to a lot of beautiful, mesmerizing and serene temples. A visit to temples can be refreshing and a beautiful experience at the same time.


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