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10 Things To Do While Serving Notice Period In Office

Published on 26 June, 2018 at 6:23 pm By

So, finally decided to say goodbye to your current office or are you planning to do so any time soon? Whatever reason you have for your exit from the office, you will need to serve a notice period before you bid adieu to your employer. After all, there are a lot of things to be taken care of in a professional environment.
Whether you are quitting voluntarily or have been asked by your employer, your last few days in the company should also be memorable. After all, you have to make the most of those last working in the office.
So, here are 10 things that you must do during your notice period in order to leave your colleagues and superiors with a perfect last impression in the office:



1. Inform your boss

First thing is to make your boss aware of your decision to leave the office. Since there are lots of things he might have to cater to before you leave. From taking time to absorb the information, the boss may have to make a lot of requisite decisions.


2. Continue being professional

Just because you got a job in some other company that doesn’t mean you will take the work in your current office for granted. Make sure you do the work with the same level of professionalism and positive attitude. Be punctual in the submission of your work and ensure to follow the company protocols.


3. Hand over the details

It is very important to share the comprehensive handover document with your team. From confidential documents to emails and passwords, everything has to be passed on to the concerned authorities in the notice period.



4. Do not flaunt

It is not a good practice for any professional employee to blabber about the new job or other benefits of the job. Boasting can lead to a bad impression with your bosses and colleagues that you must avoid. Control yourself from boasting in front of them.


5. No negativity and bad-mouthing

Well, not just in your notice period, but it is never okay to spread negativity in office. One should never speak ill about the boss and fellow colleagues. There are always contradictory opinions but you have to make sure that you leave the office on a happy and friendly note.


6. Seek References

A reference letter is beneficial for your work profile. They provide insights into your strengths and achievements in your previous office. So make sure you collect as many references as possible in the notice period. Request them from your colleagues, seniors, clients and HR department.


7. Finish all pending work

You have to make sure to finish all the piled up work so that there is no dissatisfaction with your current employer. Remember, you have to end things on a good note. Do not leave any project incomplete before the completion of the notice period. If you cannot finish some part of the job before leaving, flag it off to other colleagues or inform the seniors.


8. Prepare a succession plan

In order to ensure that the work after you carries forward smoothly, you must prepare a good succession plan. It helps in transfer of the knowledge and details to your replacement or your team members. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the new contact person is introduced to your clients and other work ethics so that there is complete clarity.


9. Plan your future step

Since you have some free time before you leave the office, use that time to plan certain things on your priority list. Create a master plan that will help you find the right direction for your career path before your notice period completes. It is extremely important to strategize the future prospects.


10. Goodbye with gratitude

Make sure to pay respect and express gratitude towards each and every one who has been a part of your life in your previous office. Bidding adieu to those people in the right manner will leave positive thoughts about you in their minds. And obviously, you will leave with good memories and well-wishes.



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