20 Hilarious Things You Should Do When You Are High

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10:00 am 6 Oct, 2015

It does not matter whether drinking is your passion or occasional indulgence, what really matters is your experience after getting drunk. Once drunk, many people choose to dwell on their past loves stories again, but here we bring a few funny and crazy things that you should try when you’re high.

1. The first thing you should do after you get high is start eating sugar-coated donuts after donuts!

2. You do not feel the kick of the alcohol unless you have a lit cigarette in your mouth! So strike a match.

3. When you are high, try to watch some horrifying and repulsive movies alone.

4. Try to solve a cubic or Maths problem! We bet you will not be able to do so.

5. So are you boozing with friends? You surely can go for a simple food eating contest.

6. Watching porn, masturbating or having sex is what most of the guys do.

7. Try to watch an illusion on TV or Google!

8. How about watching a 3D movie?

9. Take a dip in a pool and pee there! This would bring pleasure to you.

10. Try to make a cocktail and you will be surprised with your preparation.

11. Cigarette lover? You need to smoke more, more and more.

12. Try to figure out in which direction your fan is moving!

13. You need to scream louder and let the people around you stare at you!

14. Learn some boozing tricks with your friends! Surprisingly, trying all those will get in some more liters of alcohol.

15. Try to write a poem for someone you are in love with.

16. Speak to random people on the roadside and try holding conversations for long.

17. You are a monkey man tonight! So, try climbing some trees.

18. Stare at the stars and keep searching the universe for a sign.

19. Sit back and ponder on the multifaceted nature of your woman.

20. Try some friend or celebrity Photoshop!


So, the next time you get high, try some of the above mentioned activities and DO let us know how it went.

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