11 Things You Can Do To Make The Mumbai Monsoons More Enjoyable

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10:00 am 29 Jun, 2015

Monsoons are undeniably the best season of the year. Traffic woes and humidity aside, of course. Unlike the summer, where it is preferable to stay in air-conditioned spaces and the winter, where it hardly makes any difference in Mumbai, monsoon is the most memorable time in the year. The cooler weather and the winds of change help, in good ways.

So here is a bucket list of fun things to do during the umbrella season!

1. Biking

Long ride on a two-wheeler to a far-off destination with the rain in your face? The pleasure is undeniable! A must do, if you can ride a bike, that is.



Nahi toh ride pillion! telegraph

2. Eating from roadside dhabas

The romance of eating fresh, fried food with cutting chai and the sound of the rain at a tapri is next to no other!



Raingasm! urbanrestro

3. Playing football

Ask any avid football fan as to which is the best season to play and they will undoubtedly say the monsoons!



Na garmi, na sardi, baarish mein pehnenge football ki vardi! tumblr

4. Long drives

Escaping into monsoon-induced greenery on a stretch of traffic-free road with friends/family is a dream made in heaven. The only thing that could make it better is music!



Why aren’t we doing this already? fishtankforum

5. Bird watching

Monsoon is a respite from heat for our little feathered friends too. So whip out those smartphones and go bird spotting! Because nothing elevates an Instagram profile better than well captured birds. (no pun intended)



Poor little cute things! livehdwallpaper

6. Fishing for crabs

Want to do something relaxing that’s not reading? Fish for freshwater crabs in the numerous puddles and ditches formed. The Municipality provides many of them anyways!



And then of course, you eat them!

7. Swiming in rivers

Diving into streams teeming with rainwater is a desire fulfilled by a chosen few. Splashing into invigorating awesomeness should be high on everyone’s monsoon to-do lists.



Life jacket pehenna mat bhoolna! giphy

8. Enjoying the beaches

The mighty sea waves rushing toward the shore with the rain-laden clouds gathered for a showdown is a sight to behold. So head towards the nearest beach and take delight in both marine and fresh water!



Yaaaaayyy!!!! deccanchronicle

9. Sailing paper boats

Bring out all of those old newspapers you were about to dismiss as raddi and indulge in the childhood activity of making paper boats! And let them sail into streams in your vicinity.



Do kids nowadays still do this? india-forumsr

10. Treks and picnics

If you haven’t headed to your nearest mountain for a waterfall picnic and trek, you are already too late. Many friendships, relationships and life lessons are formed during very memorable monsoon treks.



Hell yeah! team-bhp

11. Actually getting wet in the rain

Get rid of your umbrellas and windcheaters and just get wet! Nature’s own showers beckon you to get gloriously damp, three months straight! Who is going to say no to that?!



*can almost hear the sound in the background* tumblr


Are there any other things that are done during monsoon and we’ve missed?



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