5 Things That Will Disappear In The Next 5 Years

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5:58 pm 21 Jan, 2016

In the last few years, we have ditched many things that were part of our daily lives not too long ago. Pagers became mobile phones and Androids and operating systems took over. We started using electronic vehicles, wireless technology, and touch screens. Antenna phones and radios got lost, cable TV got replaced by satellite dishes, and so on.


At this rate, we should expect that the next five years will no doubt unleash products and services that we have yet to imagine. But as we progress, what will we leave behind? Here are a handful of things we use today that will likely be gone completely or on their last breath, replaced by new innovations, technology and methods.


1. USB sticks are not going to last much longer.

People are shifting to smart phones every second. According to  Ericsson’s mobility report 70 percent of the world will be using smart phones. An increase in standard storage for mobile devices will be seen. Along with Cloud facility that Apple, Box, Dropbox, Google and Microsoft offer, which gives near-unlimited storage at near-free prices. Hence, there is a definite expectation for USB sticks to disappear in the next five years.


All these cute USB sticks will be gone in a few years.


2. Remote controls: You won’t have to run around looking for them.

Voice recognition systems are taking over the market and are easily accessible in laptops and mobile phones. Smart televisions are taking over the market as well. The research firm Strategy Analytics forecasts that the internet is emerging in more and more things, smart phones and wireless technology will connect an additional 17.6 billion devices by 2020, and within a few years most of our devices will be connected to the internet. Therefore, there will be no need to build a separate hardware to control them.


3. No more paperwork and documents.

Cloud agreements will be: actively connected to the identities of the involved parties (forever), able to mete out payments as contract objectives are met and actively contact actors in the transaction when the time is right. There will be no more paperwork or paperwork agreements or documents. Because of the emerging technology, all dealing will be online and hassle free.

You don’t have to die beneath the documents anymore!


4. Passwords and security keys will become history.

Replacing passwords is a difficult task as nowadays people have a password for almost everything. But breaking them is not a big deal. Biometric technology is taking over the market gradually. Today, mobile phones and computers have voice, facial or finger print locks. In the coming years, you won’t need any key or password because biometric technology will have taken over, making every lock a smart lock!


5. Cash, checkbook, credit cards and ATM cards: Forget them all.

The First Data’s report, The Unbanked Generation says that ninety-four percent of consumers under 35 bank online, and more than one-fifth of them have never written a physical check to pay a bill. People are shifting to online banking. Across the U.S., check use fell 57 percent from 2000 to 2012, according to the Federal Reserve. Money will no more be a material thing and no cash will mean no cash machines.

People will stare at you as if you are crazy if you will ask anyone this:

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