9 Things That Make You Less Attractive, According To Science

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8:30 am 10 Aug, 2018


It is no surprise that every human wants to look beautiful. Interestingly, for many, being attractive is synonymous with being beautiful; and hence they spend a hefty amount on beauty products every month. However, science carries a different news for such people! It is said that our behavior and habits are the things that make us less or more attractive, not our external appearance. Well, here we bring you the list of tips on how to become attractive.

We are not dishing out these tips but taken our references from scientific studies. So, here is your answer to how to become attractive, as described by science.


1. Sleep deprivation


Every Grandma in the world swears by the beauty treatment of sleep. Indeed, lack of sleep results in puffy eyes, disorientation, lethargy, and lack of concentration, but talking about it makes one look sadder, less attractive and less healthy.




2. Being mean

Researchers have found that an honest and decent face is more attractive than an evil and mean face. So, next time when your mother asks you to be nice, be nice and become more attractive!



3. Stress

Stress is not only the worst enemy of health but is also a gigantic enemy of attractiveness. Heterosexual men find women who know how to have fun more attractive than the ones who are always stressed. Studies have indicated that women under stress (as measured by stress hormone cortisol) are less fertile. Millions of years of evolution have programmed us in a way that we find fertile people more attractive.



4. Body language

Be it a date or a job interview, gurus have repeatedly advised one to maintain a good body language. While power poses in boardrooms can make you a winner, curling up like a ball at any gathering can make you appear less attractive. Research has proven that people are more attractive to expansive poses rather than contractive ones. Expansive poses make one look more confident, daring and honest while contractive poses symbolize shyness, mysteriousness, and secretiveness.



5. Looking too happy or proud

While it is a good thing to be happy in life and to be proud of your achievements, crossing the line and appear haughty, snobby or, on the other scale, too funny can make you look less attractive. The interesting fact is that women find men who display pride more attractive while men find women who are happy more attractive.



6. No sense of humor

We all love people who can make us laugh. Gone are the days when being stoic and business-like would fetch dates, it is all about having a great sense of humor and about the ability to engage in a gleeful conversation. A research in 2011 found that people find the sense of humor a major yardstick when looking for a desirable partner.



7. Laziness

It is no secret that having the energy level of a sloth is not a desirable quality. In a study conducted on students for six weeks, it was proven that helpful and cooperative students were tagged as more desirable than lazy or unhelpful ones. Hence, your helping nature is the new sexy trait.



8. Smell

As astonishing as this may sound, but humans often measure attractiveness by the smell of a person. So if you smell too different or too familiar, chances are that you would be perceived as unattractive. A study in 2006 revealed that humans find people who have different gene pools more attractive than the ones who are from the similar genetic pools.



9. Dishonesty

Beating the huge yardstick of unintelligence, dishonesty emerges as the leader on the unattractive traits board. For both men and women, dishonesty is a major turn off – a lying, dishonest person is the most unattractive. It is such a major turn off that even innocuous things like lying about age or income can send you in the ‘Hall of the Unattractive’. A 2006 study highlighted the fact that out of the given attributes of “honest/dishonest”, “intelligent/unintelligent” and “dependent/independent”, only dishonesty had a severe negative impact on attractiveness.




Now that we know what can render us unattractive, maybe we should stop thinking about those expensive beauty products to make the skin glow and concentrate more on who we are as a person. After all, the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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