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11 Things That Go Amazingly Well With Chai

Published on 8 June, 2015 at 10:00 am By

No morning is complete without a cup of hot hot tea and no friendship is true unless you have shared chiller to buy a cutting by the roadside! If there is one thing that truly unites the whole of India, it is chai. The once Colonial hangover, we are really reluctant to shed.


Here are the things we love having with our chai or situations we love having a chai in. Suurrrr ke peeyo!

1. Biscuits

Who doesn’t like dipping a Parle-G in a hot cup of tea before you get some breakfast? And how can I forget Marie, Monaco and Nice! And for those who grew up from child to I-need-to-lose-weight, you have the crap digestive biscuits.



“Jab biscuit doob gaya!” TeaTimesNewsletter

 2. Khaari, Toast, Butter

Running short of Biscuits? Khaari to the rescue! Khaari, Toasts and Butters go super well with Chai. Pretty sure you have it as well.



“Khaari tere pyaar mein!” MiteshFoods

 3. Breads

Brun Maska or a Fruit Bun is like the traditional breakfast or an evening snack to hog on. Ek cup chai along is the cherry on top.




“Aaj kal paav packet mein, nahi rehte mere!” HeritageInstitute

4. Chakli

Too many leftover chaklis from Diwali? Chaklis and Chai go hand in hand so well that you would probably finish them off in a day or two.



“Bin tere chakli, chai ka mazaa hai kam!” Imimg

5. Vada Pav and Kaanda Bhajji

A good vada pav vendor also serving adrak waali chai suddenly becomes the greatest cook in the entire universe. Also Kaanda Bhajji along with green chutney and a cup of tea is heavenly.


Kaanda Bhajji

“Tum mujhe kyun nahi mile pehle!” Twimg

6. Monsoon evenings

When you are caught in the rain and you come back home drenched, even the thought of having a hot cup of tea gives you an amazing feeling. Tea goes so well with monsoons. Tapri ka Chai is best enjoyed in the rains.



“Ab ke saawan aise barse! Chai ke liye, sab hum tarse!.” Rediff

7. Winter mornings

Holidaying at some Hill Station in winters and exhausted with Brandy? Ek garam chai ki pyaali is all you need. Hill Station or not, drinking tea on a winter morning just brighten ups your day.



“ Tu Chai badi hai mast mast, tu chai badi hai mast!” Deviantart

8. Sutta

Chai & Sutta is stuff of many a friendships, relationships and cancer. A sometimes indulgence is worth a story though.



“Chai bina sutta kahaan re! Chai bina sutta kahaan re!” WordPress

9. Long ride breaks

What would possibly be better than the small chai breaks during long bike rides along with our favorite companions.



“Chalte chalet kabhi, ruk jaata hun main, chai peeke thoda, halka hota hun main!” iitk

10. College frustration

Kicked out from the lecture? Poor grades as always? Pre and Post exam tension? The solution to every question is Anna ke haath ki chai.



“Jaadooooo, teri yeh chai! Anna! You are my guy!” Flickr

11. Charcha

While coffee hang out places allow college goers to feel cool about drinking an overpriced beverage, the kind of life-changing charcha that happens over chai is paralleled by very few other things in life. No wonder even our PM understands the importance of Chai pe Charcha! No wonder it is a bigger hit than T̶y̶p̶o̶ Koffee with Karan!



“Kya aapko chahiye? Garma garam chai!” Indiatvnews


We may drink a cup of coffee in office and outside because it is the cooler thing to do, but an Indian honestly loves only chai. What other things or situations make you gaga over your cup of chai?



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