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10 Odd Things That Are Way More Addictive Than People Realize

Published on 12 November, 2017 at 10:00 am By

Addiction is a condition when you ingest something or do something that give you pleasure and eventually you are unable to get out of the habit because your brain has been conditioned to it though it can have harmful consequences.


Whenever you think about addictions, one of the very first things that come to your mind is alcohol. Besides, there are cigarettes, tobacco products and all sorts of drugs. But what you don’t realize is that you can be addicted to a lot of other things that you might not even realize until it’s very late.

Here are 10 such everyday things that are way more addictive than people seem to understand.

1. Procrastination.

You postpone a task for a later time and feel nothing wrong with it even though you are not doing anything else during that time. You postpone it again and before you realize that you have gotten addicted to being lazy, you have greatly ruined your prospects. It is one of the prime reasons that capable people live moderate lives because they keep repeating this self-destroying pattern.


2. Spending more money than you should.

This should be a problem if you have a steady large earning at the end of each month. However, if this is not the case, it can totally destroy your life. You don’t think much before buying something because it’s only ‘Rs. 100’. But they add up quickly and once you got into the habit of spending money mindlessly, there is no return until you are penniless. This addiction is why you see many celebrities going bankrupt.


3. The need to have some kind of audio plying in the background.


It starts with you playing music in the background while you do your homework and pretty soon, you cannot concentrate without something playing in the background. You carry it to your adult life. You switch on the TV just because you want to hear the sound of it playing while you keep staring at computer or mobile for hours. You really don’t care what is being shown in the TV.


4. Sugar

Studies have shown that sugar stimulates the same areas in brain as do hardcore drugs like cocaine or heroin. Sugar is, scientifically speaking, addictive.

This is the reason why some people are not able to contain their sweet tooth despite of all the ill effects of it and sometimes need an actual detox. What makes the addiction way too serious is the fact that it can lead to severe health issues.


5. Going everywhere in vehicle.

No place is at a walkable distance if you have a vehicle and an addiction to drive everywhere. It is a rising trend. People are walking less and less. Even when a vehicle is not available, you try to hire an auto or a cab because you have got hooked so much on travelling without walking that you cannot imagine that a place can be reached without a vehicle. Besides the health issues that the habit brings, it also leads to expenditures that could be easily avoided.


6. Getting tattoos.

Though there is not much scientific evidence YET if tattoos are addictive, a general trend is that once you get inked, there is a large possibility of you returning to get inked again. The reason for the behavior can vary.

While some claim that the adrenal rush they get while getting their tattoos is a reason for their returning, some explain that the reason might be to modify a tattoo that now appears regretful. Whatever may be the reasons, but if you are thinking you would be getting only one tattoo, think again.


7. Watching porn.

With easy availability of it in an internet dominated era, porn addiction is perhaps the fastest growing addiction among youths specifically. And with better internet connectivity, it is only going to be more common and more relevant. While you might watch porn only during certain occasions, if you do it for quite some time, you would realize that you don’t crave for porn the way you used to, but still, you need to watch it because you cannot help it. Porn addiction is very much real.


8. Using smartphones and Internet.

It has not been a very long time that smartphones and Internet have dawned on humanity. Still, in this short time, they have totally altered human behavior. You now cannot now even imagine an hour without phone or internet. You need them all the time. And contrary to arguments that they are necessities, most of the time that people cannot live without them is because people are addicted to them.


9. Love, sweet love.

Who is there who doesn’t need love? Love has been the centerpiece of religions, literature, arts, architecture and everything else. In fact, it won’t be wrong saying that love is what keeps the world moving. And what happens when someone feels unloved?

In India alone, failed love affairs cause more suicides than unemployment, bankruptcy and poverty. Once you get out of a relationship you were much committed to, life feels such meaningless that you don’t even care if you live or die. Such is the addiction of love.


10. Internet points.

Internet points can refer to Facebook ‘likes’, Quora ‘upvotes’ or any virtual points that bring instant gratification to you. They might not amount to anything in the real life, but you go crazy to earn them and even go to the extent of risking your life to get that perfect selfie putting yourself in all sorts of dangers that you think would get you more likes.

It gets to such a point that your mood completely starts to depend on the number of response you have received in your post. This is just not attention seeking but also a pure dangerous addiction.





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